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We’re really, really close to the official release of Alpha 15!

But we’re still fixing bugs and adding some needed enhancements.
Here’s what you’ll find in this release:

Introducing Piles!

Craft piles of wood, wheat, stone, and clay. For example, a log pile, crafted by the carpenter, converts 18 logs into a pile of logs. You can then harvest the pile of logs later. This helps people who want to have a large number of resources when inventory space is scarce.

Dual Channel Alerts

Combat related alerts now show above normal notifications when both are present. This allows you to see important messages while trading with a trader.

  • Fix ai spinning during combat where there are no basic attacks and all special attacks are on cooldown
  • Fill in missing scaffolding blueprints
  • Don’t try to merge scaffolding that is not vertically contiguous
  • Add user setting for infinite inventory
  • Fix for stacks bug in building cost
  • Fix over-wide building cost UIs
  • Share filters between doors for the same player id
  • Fix for movement speed tracker and movement guard tracker sharing the same variable. It made it so calculating speed tracker presence would inappropriately invalidate movement guard presence
  • Fix building dependency analysis to always traverse the available dependencies, but then mask away directions based on what stage of the dep analysis we’re in.
  • Change inventory function such that add_item always adds an item — this is for safety reasons as sometimes we have code that expects items in the inventory to function. For areas where items might not need to be added to inventory, use inventory:add_item_if_not_full
  • Workbenches are now always added to town inventory
  • Various fixes to walls
  • Fix doors so they work properly when player amenity changes
  • Fix for immigration report not scaling with large numbers
  • Fix networth for a few items so they fall within reasonable crafting material cost ranges
  • Fix rotations for potted catcus and golden clay wall planter
  • Fix region rotations for frostsnap box
  • Fix hearthling pathing
  • Increase health threshold for imminent death notification

This has been a fantastic alpha so far!.. but I would be lying if I wasn’t itching to see what you guys have planned for alpha 16 :smiley:

Keep up the good work!



Just read the post, and I just wanted to say how awesome you guys are!

I really appreciate the new user setting in regard to the whole ‘infinite inventory’ thing.

But! Moreover, I absolutely love the idea of adding ‘piles’ to the game to reduce players’ inventories. Awesome idea!

Keep up the good work!



For Translator:


  •            "storage": "Storage", -> added
  •         "imminent_death_notification": "[name(i18n_data.citizen)] is severely low on health!" -> added
  •            "required_item": "Required Items" -> changed
  •            "count": "Num" -> removed
  •      },
       "log_pile": {
          "log_pile_ghost": {
             "display_name": "Log Pile",
             "description": "Harvest for a large number of logs"
          "log_pile_iconic": {
             "description": "Harvestable for wood when placed."
       "stone_pile": {
          "stone_pile": {
             "description": "Harvest for many hunks of stone",
             "display_name": "Stone Pile"
          "stone_pile_iconic": {
             "description": "Harvestable for stone when placed"
       "clay_pile": {
          "display_name": "Clay Pile",
          "description": "Harvest for a large amount of clay",
          "iconic_description": "Harvestable for clay when placed"
       "wheat_pile": {
          "display_name": "Large Wheat Bundle",
          "description": "Harvest for a large amount of wheat",
          "iconic_description": "Harvestable for wheat when placed" -> added
  •      },
       "blue_market_stall": {
          "blue_market_stall_ghost": {
             "display_name": "Blue Market Stall",
             "description": "Merchants can use this stall to buy and sell goods."
          } -> added
  •         },
          "log_pile_recipe": {
             "recipe_name": "Log Pile",
             "description": "A pile of logs stacked together. An excellent way to store lots of wood for later use."
          "wheat_pile_recipe": {
             "recipe_name": "Large Wheat Bundle",
             "description": "For when normal wheat bales are just too small. Good for efficiently storing a large amount of wheat"       -> added
  •         "stone_pile_recipe": {
             "recipe_name": "Stone Pile",
             "description": "A pile of rocks stacked together. An excellent way to store lots of stone for later use."
          } -> added
  •         },
          "clay_pile_recipe": {
             "recipe_name": "Clay Pile",
             "description": "A pile of clay stacked together. An excellent way to store lots of clay for later use." -> added

is there a way to the get wood out of wood piles, to use the wood again?
or are wood piles decorative at the moment?

sorry just saw it, use harvest on the piles ^^


hmmm no thuesday (me friday) stream?

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internet in the office was down, or possibly something with comcast…


Something with Comcast it turned out…


Just posting to say that 14/15 have been an amazing step forward.

Before the game basically functioned as a demo for me – I couldn’t have more than 10 or so hearthlings max without them all idling out, and I couldn’t build any large-scale structures due to all the various bugs.

Now I can have settlements and it seems to run well even at 20 Hearthlings. Major improvement and great work all around. Thanks!


Oh, and a few feedback notes:

It seems Cooks can’t plant crops, but can harvest crops. Which is bug and which is feature? Is your cook supposed to be able to act as a farmer also or not? The promotion system leads you to want to promote characters ASAP, without realizing that if you promote the cook before you have a backup farmer, Problem. On the other hand, you need to promote characters before they level up, since there seems to be a max total-character-level-in-all-classes ceiling at six total levels, so . . .

Still problems with hearthlings not deconstructing all ladders etc. around big constructions.

Similarly it takes FOREVER to deconstruct big scaffolding projects.Checking the save logs on my big tower project, it looks like it took roughly ten days to put up the scaffolding and build it all, and then five more days to take all the scaffolding down That stuff should come down faster than it does, both because it’s easier to knock things down than to put them up, and because taking the scaffolding down isn’t the fun part.

When placing windows and such on buildings, even where the windows are part of the original built template, Hearthlings will take down all the scaffolding, build a ladder, climb up the ladder, and place the window. Why don’t they just use the scaffolding that’s in place?

I think it was supposed to be like that. The cook didn’t touch crops until this version from 14 days ago.

The notes just say “Cooks should farm”. I think you are still supposed to have farmers to plant crops, but they added something for the cook to do while he is not “crafting”, like other classes (carpenter, mason etc.) are building for example. So if you have 2 farmers and promote one to cook, your food system doesn’t collapse, as the cook will still do some work of cleaning the fields to let the lone farmer replant new crops.

OK. It led me to confusion and some growth issues because I promoted my cook, saw him harvesting, thought he had kept his farmer abilities, and didn’t promote a replacement farmer. So for like a week of game time my food declined before I realized the issue.

The cook is supposed to plant as well. I made a farmer, promoted to cook, and the cook also plants. If you have a save file where your cook isn’t planting, I would love to take a look at it.


Will I be able to use my old .json files? If I’m not, how do I edit the new ones according to this patch?
Also after I finish my tanslation, I have a translation FAQ in mind.

Ok at first with every update you need to update also you jsonfile ^^ best is to use an comparetool like thks translationtool ^^

and the wiki is mostly the volunteer forum because every language is different ^^ i have make there an little information but mostly they write my personally like you :wink: at the moment i search for your language code xD