Steam Latest Updated to develop 2876

More bug fixes! And another step closer to releasing Alpha 15!

Here’s what you’ll find in this release:

  • Resource counts now update properly on template and building summary screens
  • Fix error on load involving ladders
  • Tweaks to pasture resources
  • Fallow fields no longer try to update the score service
  • Pastures now contribute to agriculture score
  • Update score correctly when entity is destroyed
  • Farmer field net worth based on crop net worth
  • Agriculture, buildings, and inventory are subcategories of net worth
  • Clarify the score UI, also show that raw resources do not (and have never) contributed to net worth
  • Handle point2 and point 3 maps in a more efficient way
  • Abandoned animals now de-spawn after a day
  • Fix bugs in grow-columns to roof
  • Do not attempt to calculate the area of a wall that has no area
  • Prevent broken items from contributing to score
  • Buildings with negative area have gotten into the game somehow! Negative area would result in NaN scores! Which is bad! Do not add nan Scores
  • Update building costs correctly!
  • Fix for nan values causing the UI to break because the numbers cause things to be invalid json
  • Fix up attributes components that had nan for one of their value
  • Make building ladders be part of job so that we can disable it for hearthling workers
  • Make max craftable not be larger than max for input
  • Activity strings are now guaranteed to fit in the UI
  • Fixes to animations and combat target tables on load
  • When clicking on minus count button in Craft Orders UI, if below minimum, we will wrap around to max possible number you could make based on your current resources
  • Fix for AI spinning in combat
  • Hearthlings build less scaffolding, and can build more complex structures

lets see if these helps in those builds


Wonderful. You guys and gals are killing it! :slight_smile:


It turns out that if you have a template that uses clay bricks that is from before November 20th of last year, your UI will throw an error when you hover over it in the template list. You can ignore it, or fix it by going to your json file and renaming the resource from clay brick resource to “clay_brick resource.” Will be fixed in an upcoming release!


For Translators:

  •            "buildings": "Buildings",
             "inventory": "Inventory",
             "agriculture": "Agriculture", -> added
  •            "description": "A reflection of the prosperity of your town. Buildings, inventory, and agriculture combine to form this score." -> changed
  •            "town_description": "The gold value of everything in the town's inventory." -> removed
  •         },
          "inventory": {
             "display_name": "Inventory",
             "description": "The gold value of all non-Resource items in the town inventory."
          "buildings": {
             "display_name": "Buildings",
             "description": "The value of all the buildings constructed your town. Large buildings will have much higher score contributions than small ones."
          "agriculture": {
             "display_name": "Agriculture",
             "description": "The value of farming fields and pastures in your town. Each planted crop and each pasture animal contributes to the score." -> added
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Great Update! Can’t wait to try this in the evening :smile:

These are my favorites :smiley:


What? No points for swag? Pffft :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

now i can confirm, 3 errors caused by scaffolding in my save are gona, 3 to go