Steam Latest Branch Updated to 2494

Ok, the latest patch is finally out on the Steam Latest branch. This should be a lot more solid than the develop-2477 build. However, in order to fix some of the bugs, we had to break save compatibility. Once the game is more stable, we’ll be able to keep the save games compatible within Alpha 11 (hopefully starting with this build).

Here’s what’s new in this patch:

  • Bug fixes
  • Crates inside and on buildings will now work properly.
  • Hearthlings can now place items that are stored in crates.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented hearthlings from crafting from crates.
  • Hearthlings now eat from food in crates.
  • Fixed promoting hearthling when talisman is in a crate.
  • Fixed collision regions for the large crate and leather bound chest.
  • Fixed save/load bugs with sleeping and eating.
  • Starting town items now show up in town inventory.
  • Fix character sheet error on promotion.
  • You can no longer sell placed items.
  • The place item screen now only displays objects that can be placed.
  • Pets can now eat from berry baskets without errors.
  • Crafted items are now immediately added to town inventory.
  • Crafters now maintain the correct number of items.
  • Crafters can now sometimes successfully skip craft orders they do not have the ingredients to complete.
  • Sheep no longer run in place when they first spawn.
  • Fixed resource description on cook’s workshop.
  • Character sheets only display for humans.
  • Fixed some UI errors that can happen in the shop dialog.


Improved farming performance for when there are a lot of farm fields.

Other Changes

  • Hearthlings now sleep underneath the covers in comfy beds.
  • Added copy to clipboard button for UI errors.
  • Shops will now put stuff in escrow when you sell it so you can buy it back if you want. Escrow items will be dropped off near the banner once you close the shop UI.
  • Game speed hotkeys are now back to 1, 2, 3.
  • Hotkey to open the console is now ctrl-c.

Known Issues

  • Objects in hearthling backpacks will show up in place furniture screen even though they cannot be placed until they are put down.

  • Objects that are in iconic form versus objects placed in the world
    will show up as separate items (but with the same icon/name/description)
    in town inventory screen.


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