Steam Latest Updated to Release-453

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue preventing cooked food from being eaten.
  • Fixed issue where carpenter maintain was broken for crates.
  • Jerky can now be placed in storage.
  • Don’t relax near hostile firepits.
  • Prohibit ladder combat.
  • Only user placed ladders can be removed from the top (fixed again).
  • Fixed bug that prevented items from being placed in mining zones.

Other Changes

  • Value of stone has been reduced from 2 gold to 1 gold.
  • Frequency of the Rabbit Clan Statue has been reduced.

@Albert, I have a lengthy save game (around day 17 of Growmun) from dev 450. Do you want me to send a copy for the team to look at? I know @sdee had previously requested lengthier saves to be sent in for analysis but I’m not sure if it’s applicable now that the version has changed

@Boulderboy - Thanks for the offer! Yes, we normally are short on long saves, but I think we’re ok for the moment. We already have a handle on hearthling OCD (repeated pick up / put down) and pathfinding scalability past 15 hearthlings or so.


Kudos to the team on the pathfinding upgrade, btw! I worked pretty hard to break it this time with 20 hearthlings and there was no slowdown lol. I had a layer of tunnels, peirs and some pretty convoluted pathing but they rarely got lost :smiley:


first in reality, now in SH… geez, thanks TR! :laughing:


Thanks for the update !

Just started a new game on R453 and my carpenter now takes the wood from the crates… But when he crafts furniture or shields he just can’t find the crates. He puts them on the ground.
I added a Stockpile and now he drops them in it…

You’re close ! Keep going :wink:

PS : BTW His little worker friends do the job. They take the items from the ground and put them in the crates :confused: Is that maybe intended or is my carpenter just sooo lazy ? :stuck_out_tongue:

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currently thats considered a bug with the crates.

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Ok thanks for the answer ^^

Same with the mason, I suppose it’s buggy for all crafters.

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Crates are actually working well for me in this build.

It does appear that crafters will not take completed items directly to stockpiles and will instead put them on the ground for another Hearthling to put away, but items definitely get where they’re supposed to be (eventually) and items in crates seem to be counting properly towards maintain totals, which is great.

Just started a new game so not much feedback beyond this atm but its good to have crates working better.

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Hopefully it is something they can save until Alpha 12. It’s annoying, but I wouldn’t think its enough to hold up a stable version on (unless there are even more nasty bugs that will be suddenly found).

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I started 2 different games since v453 (one to try building, one to actually play) and neither of the worlds I rolled had even a single bunny statue. Working as intended?

Not a huge deal since mining gets you ore as well as stone, but just wondering.

I got 4 bunny statues in the first world I created in 453. That’s still a lot less compared to the hordes of them in previous worlds. I still have one save with at least 13 of them and it’s half mountains. The statues only appear in the green forest areas. If your world is 90% mountains and plains, there won’t be many statues.