Crafters won't use materials in crates -Release 450-

I don’t know if this addressed or not since I did a quick search to see if this bug’s been reported or not. Anyway, I’ve setup some crates around my little village where I keep a stockpile of materials for my crafters. However, I noticed that my carpenter was wandering around with nothing to do. I checked the crates in the shop I made for him, and it has some wood inside it. I hope this bug will be fixed as soon as possible. This bug is making convenience impossible when it comes to crates.

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Which version are you playing. On unstable v11 they seemed to have fixed that issue yesterday. Just last night my workers were happily using the crates for storage and crafting.

R 450, it was in the title :wink:

Something is terribly and non-deterministically wrong with the inventory tracker that the carpenter uses to decide whether he can advance with his work. Try jiggering around his work orders and/or saving and loading.

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Well as of right now to when the bug is fixed up, the only things going to any form of crate is food and coins. The rest are in stockpiles.

I had thought I noticed my blacksmith not using ores that were stored in crates, but I’ve tried to reproduce the issue and I can’t seem to. The carpenter, weaver and cook all seem just fine with using raw materials stored in crates.

Still testing different setups.

Has anyone noticed Hearthlings unable to access items in the lower of two vertically stacked crates? Do they need to be able to get to the top of the crate to use it or is any side fine for access?

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