r2494 Blacksmith's bug

In r2494, the Blacksmith don’t store the ingots into crates. Someone can confirm?

Could it be it’s on my side only? :confused:

Are you sure that you don’t have any filter in the crate?
I’ve told my blacksmith to make gold ingots and she placed them on the floor. But right after that, another hearthling went and picked them up and put them into a large crate.

Was it just one type of ingot or all of them are affected?

Then you see what I see, the blacksmith do not store ingots by himself. Is that what he is supposed to do? (I found this odd because before the introduction of the crates, he was storing his production in stockpiles without problem…)

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well, since the introduction of crates it appears that all crafters drop their wares on the floor/ground, and then another hearthling comes and picks it up to store it away.

a rather odd behavior indeed.