[Early Alpha 11, 2477] couple crate issues

  1. If you have only crates, no stockpiles, workshops will not let you issue a maintain crafting order.
  2. If the items for a maintain crafting order are in a crate instead of a stockpile, crafters will just keep crafting as if the item is not there.
  3. If a tool is in a crate, hearthlings won’t get it out for promotional purposes. (Ditto for weapons/armor for footman upgrading purposes)
  4. Hearthlings don’t appear to want to use crates inside buildings for storage.

Sounds like the problem all comes down to Hearthlings can’t keep a storage manifest and have no clue whats in a crate lol.


Can confirm, things in crates generally aren’t properly being tracked. Ill also add that backpacks work the same way, and Hearthlings dont show any desire to empty their bags regularly

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Stuff in crates is not available …

My Hearthlings can not get items out of the crates.

Another issue is when you are in the interface of a crate and click the checkmark, the zones are still visible.

thanks for breaking this down @eph3meral … I can confirm this behavior as well…

having just introduced both of these concepts (crates/backpacks), im sure these any many other related issues are on their to-do list… still, good to shed that light on the problems! :+1:

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@sdee Just so yall know, this is broke.

Refuse to put doors or windows on or any items inside buildings,


how to reproduce

1:Blueprint a build, with windows and doors

2:tell villagers to build

expected result: Build it all

actual result: ignores windows and doors


1: All items you make still says it is in inventory. when you try and place item (ie a box, wont let you place) as you can see i have 2 crates in my inventory, but they are already placed out. and if i make anymore they do not exists as they go in crates.

2: Thinking bug on villagers. the begin to just stand totally still and do nothing, even if you tell them to go somewhere with party.

3: Villagers Refuse to eat from crates, Items do not exists anymore to them. there is food in the crates


item in crates are ignored in general. hearthlings cannot remove items from crates most of the time and so items (inj my case upgraded workers cloths) after being removed from(if it is possible at all) still take up the space they occupied in the crate making it impossible to undeploy the crate.

I can confirm the fourth bug, my Hearthlings would not move food from a stockpile to crates I had placed in my barn.

Not sure what to make of this one. All I can figure is maybe I sold all the food to a merchant. Either way, the crate is empty, but the game thinks it’s still full:

Also, and more of a suggestion than a bug, it would be nice if the UI would remember your tabbed state (Filter/Contents) when you click on another crate, rather than always going to the Filter tab. Currently if you click on a crate, click on Contents, and then click on another crate it shows you the new crate’s Filter. The behavior I’d like is if you click on a crate, click on Contents, and then click on another crate it shows you the new crate’s Contents. It would make it easier when you’re checking on what’s currently being stored in several crates, like if you’re searching for a particular item and aren’t sure what crate it’s in. I’m okay with it defaulting to Filter if you don’t currently have a crate selected when you click on a crate.

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