Forbidden content in crates

Hi everyone, maybe it’s already been said but when you change the content allowed in a crate, if there’s already things that are not allowed, they won’t be removed, for instance : if I disable tools in a crate wich contains a knife, the hearthlings won’t remove it to an other place. Hope it helps ! Bye


Were the hearthlings busy doing other things?
Did your hearthlings all have full backpacks?

In my game, I found that they did remove disallowed items from crates if they had backpack space, even if they had no other stockpile to put it in. They even do that for regular stockpiles too, which is completely new in Alpha 11.

It’s possible for your hearthlings to fill their backpacks with stuff they can’t do anything with!

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I’ve tried again with a very basic exemple and it didn’t work out. it seems this bug does not apply to everyone. Btw I have an AMD card.