Can crates be moved while they have items inside?

Apologies if this has been asked and answered elsewhere, but I was wondering if anyone knows (or if someone from Radiant can answer) - can you move a crate after it’s been filled up? This has obvious applications, e.g. place a crate near a forest, cut down the forest, move the crate to a building site, build more efficiently. Or take a crate into a working mine, and once it’s full have it carted out and dropped beside your stonemasons hut. Etc.

You can’t put a loaded crate inside another crate, or undeploy it while loaded. But you can redeploy a loaded crate in another place and they will carry it from one place to the other.

This isn’t as amazing as it sounds though. They are also changing hearthlings to carry up to 8 items in their backpack instead of one. That’s as much as one small crate already. If you have 4 hearthlings on the job, they will hoover up a full 32 items in one trip. So unless you are asking them to chop down an entire forest and fill several crates at once, you won’t gain a lot of efficiency by carting those crates around.

There is also talk about the weaver crafting larger backpacks for your hearthlings too, but they might reduce the backpack size back down again before they add that. 8 + larger backpacks sounds really too much!


They lowered the initial backpack space to 4 in the stream earlier. With upgrades making it go higher at some point. I love the crates though! So much easier to keep my crafters supplied.


yeah, I managed to tune into the stream just as @Tom was making this adjustment …

I absolutely love the new backpack/crate systems, and their corresponding upgrades, etc. A11 will provide quite an interesting change!! :+1:


I was tuning out just before he made the adjustment. Pesky work getting in the way >.>