Deployable Objects (fences, crates, etc.) not being moved

it seems moving crates broke again.

if you move a box and have some in a stockpile or in storage it will place a new container fomr the storage rather then move the one I want

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I have noticed that when trying to move and item ( mainly storage containers) rather then someone coming and picking up the (full) container they place a new one form your storage in the place you wanted the one moved and the one you wanted moved stays in the place it was

expected results:
the item(s) I wanted moved are moved to the new location

Note: I have noticed this with crafting tables and storage containers

Looks like you already reported this!

hum. seems I did

my bad -sweatdrop-

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Came here to confirm this in 2807.

What’s really fun is that you can actually trick the AI into picking a full crate up by first quickly placing all your available empty crates and then immediately issuing a move command on your full crate before your carpenter has time to make a new one. If the hearthling makes it to the crate and picks it up before the new empty crate is available, she will likely drop the full one on her way back and a different hearthling will pick it up and store it inside another crate. Infinity storage FTW!

Witnessed that little ditty first hand tonight. I have a save game where this should be repeatable, assuming the behavior doesn’t clear on a full reload, but I think I even tested that too. Let me know if you’d like me to upload it.



Sorry, best title I could think of.

If you place some new fence panels, then move some old fence panels before the first set of new panels has been placed. The hearthlings appear to place new fence panels where the ones that were to be uprooted were going. As well as place new fence panels where originally intended. The uprooted ones either get their uprooting canceled or the uproot placement is offset.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place a fence panel or two
  2. Uproot an already placed fence panel and place it down where desired

Expected Results:

New fence panel placed, uprooted fence panel moved to new location.

Actual Results:

New fence panel placed properly, new fence panel also installed in location of uprooted fence panel. Uprooted fence panel seems to then just be canceled and stays in place, a couple times it was placed offset of destination



Version Number and Mods in use:

no mods, version Whatever went out before Jan 21 2016. Steam edition. Latest build option selected.

System Information:

windows 7
macbook pro 2013

hey there @Azuratte, thanks for the report!

i was able to reproduce this bug, but only if i had the game paused while placing the fences.

edit: i forgot to mention this when i first confirmed it.

the fence you are moving will only get “overwritten” if the spot you are moving it to is closer to a stockpile (that contains the fences) then the original fence. did that make sense?

paging @yshan @sdee.

Ah, yes, thank you. Every time I uproot and place fences I pause the game. Nice catch, didn’t notice I was doing this.

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i could be wrong, but these seemed to be the same bug so i’ve merged them.

Nothing new to add, just confirm this bug occurring in my game.

EDIT: My current version is A13-491.

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