Fences placed in containers cannot be placed

Storing fences in containers like crates or chests makes them unplacable, even after removing them from the container.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build and place containers (like wooden chest or stone chest).
  2. Define containers to hold “defenses” (category “Construction”).
  3. Build a few fences and wait for them to be stored in the container.
  4. Try to place the fences via the “place item” menu (or shortcut “p”).
    problem 1
  5. Define new storage area (!) to hold defenses.
  6. Disable defenses in previously placed containers and wait for fences to be moved to storage area.
  7. Again try to place the fences.
    problem 2
  8. Build more fences and wait for them to be placed in storage area.
  9. placing fences now is possible, but only for newly created fences.

Expected Results:
Fences should be available for placement in any of the above described situations.

Actual Results:
Fences in the containers don’t appear in the placement menu, even after moving them to an open storage area.

Fences stored in chest:

No fences visible in placement menu (should be unter “Construction”). Please note that e.g. the “stone tunnel door” stored in the same chest is available:

Part 2, move all defenses to newly created, exclusive storage area. Three new fences have been created by the carpenter (on the right), the four fences on the left have been moved out of chests:

Only the 3 newly created fences can be placed now:

Version Number and Mods in use:
No mods, release-549, x64 on Steam

System Information:
Win10, x64



It would be better to rework the fence system entirely, to difficult to use, and always hard to align it correctly.

I am not sure if this is related to this bug but (in case it is) I thought I would mention that I tell my carpenter to maintain 10 fence items. Sometimes I will open the place menu and after placing the first one - the remaining 9 disappear from the place menu and I’m unable to place them. However, the remaining 9 stay in the inventory and I can sell them to passing merchants. Once they are sold and out of the inventory - the carpenter makes another 10. I haven’t submitted this bug because I can’t always reproduce it.

I’ve run into placement issues like you’re describing before, and they can usually be solved by saving, then loading the save you’ve just created. One quick loading screen later, the hearthlings typically catch on and immediately start throwing down fences.

@Tom Talked about doing a system like fields in the future. He stated that a while ago, so who knows.

@Winterkill and @Aethrios, refer to this:

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