[NLA] [R114] [STEAM Client] Gate & Fences

Summary: Gates and Fences no longer appear to be peaceable. Either by place menu or directly clicking on the object.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build a Fence, Build a Gate 7 Try and place it.

Expected Results: Fences would and gates would be put down.

Actual Results: Nothing. Objects remain in the stockpile after construction. ‘Place’ button no longer appears on hud.

Notes: Last version the fences would be placed one up and one down when placed in a certain direction. I presume that the function may of been disabled this build ?


Question. you mean by “peaceable” like it can not be placed? if so then they have disabled the placing of both of these. also sorry for being late but Welcome

Ah that explains it then. Knew it was kind of working pre version.

It’s true, it worked last version, but if you placed them adjacent to each other (as you naturally would; fences are supposed to form a continuous line, after all), their collision boxes overlapped and so one would end up floating in the air. They took it out for now until they fix that problem.

Thanks for the welcome and I appear to of reached a daily limit on posts.

should go away within these next few days

Oh, right, I see you are new here! A belated welcome from me, as well.

A daily limit on posts? Must be because you’re still a new user then, as @blackArcher52 suggests as well. I’ve posted more than you have today and yesterday, and I haven’t reached any limit. Except on numbers of likes given, which thankfully is gone again now.

They took them out because from what I hear they want to add the placement to the build menu, similar to how ladders are created.

yes, per @sdee, this is a known (intentional) issue… but thanks again @digitalFatteh for all the wonderful reports! :smiley:

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