[r144] Fence Picket Gate problems

So fences are back in for the latest revision. The picket fences are working fine (you can see them at top-right of picture), but placing the fence gate has some issues. As you can see in the image, the parts of the gate are all over the place. Even the end-posts are 5 or 6 blocks away from where the cursor is pointing. When you click, the fence gate will place where the cursor is.

Also, when the gates are placed, villagers are not pathing through. I have a farmer in a fenced off area with a couple of picket fence gates. Nobody will come in to carry away the food he is gathering unless I ask them to remove a fence piece first. Then they will come in and get the food straight away.

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hi @Tuhalu … thanks for the report (and the marked up image)…

and my apologies if i’m just being dense, but i’m afraid i couldnt quite follow the steps you were taking…

what exactly are we seeing in the screenshot? places where you intend for fence posts and a gate to be placed, but they arent able to be lined up?

The “cursor here” is where my cursor is pointing. Because it’s in “placement mode” the parts of the gate are faded out, but where the red circles are is where you can see the parts. So basically the graphics are showing up in all the wrong places.

Just found another bug with the gates btw. When placed, villagers are not pathing through them. I have a farmer in a fenced off area with a couple of picket fence gates. Nobody will come in to carry away the food he is gathering unless I ask them to remove a fence piece first. Then they will come in and get the food straight away.

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i was originally viewing this from my phone, and couldnt get any of the detail… from my monitor its quite obvious the gate has asploded during placement… :blush:

I’ve got the same problems and would love to see it fixed so we can use the gates.

  • It would be nice if we could build the fences and gates via the “place an item” menu insted of clicking every single fence :slight_smile:

What if we could drag it out in the building window, like the wall placer currently? Then they could be deployed collectively, pending the available pieces (like the doors and windows added to structures, which must be constructed).


ooo, i likes … i likes quite a lots… :smile:

let’s continue to leverage those existing UI mechanics! :+1:


Perhaps the fence can be added like the doors on a wall can, as well–once a row of fence is laid out, click the fence gate icon and place it on the location you want, and it takes the place of those fence posts. At the end, there could be a tally to indicate the total fences still needed–I believe the folks at Radiant mentioned some kind of cost estimate system for the builder in the future, so right along with that?

Another Problem To the Picket Fences and Gates in general. When Crafting the Fence, the Carpenter will 25% of the time put the fences in the stockpile, 75% of the time say “Screw it, ait no body got time for that!” and just drop the fence(gate) right at his workstation, sometimes leaving 4 in the same spot, 1 in a spot a few blocks away, or leaving on ONTOP of his work station.
Placing Fence/Fence Gate in Stock Pile as intended
Placing Fence/Fence Gate in Stock Pile When he is NOT lazy… wich is 25% of the time.


Yeah I’m pretty sure gates don’t work when they’re in three pieces :stuck_out_tongue: I noticed though that the gates don’t bug out until you load a save. I tried to go back to some older saves from before they bugged out but they bugged out anyway.

It was mentioned in the post too that the gate doesn’t really work when pathfinding. What if the gate opens automatically when a friendly NPC is near it and stays closed for villains. The NPCs could therefor just ignore that gates even exist so pathfinding would still work.

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I wish it was like that with doors too. What’s the point of walls if your villagers can’t get in or out? And what’s the point of doors if goblins can walk in? Or maybe Radiant will make large, defensive gates available that enemies couldn’t just waltz through? It would make walls much more useful.

Yeah, I expect we’ll see defensive bits & pieces in the future. For now though, it’s just regular doors & such.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’d love to see some freakin ballistas or exploding cannon balls :smiley: Regardless I guess all you can do for now is soldier up.

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Exactly this happens to me all the time. I was building many fence parts to make a fence around my settlement, but very often the Carpenter placed the parts of the fence on his worktable. Those could not be picked up, I had to move the worktable first, to be able to pick up and place the parts of the fence.
He hardly put any in the stockpile at all, most of the time they were just scattered around (or put on) his worktable.

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the Wooden Double Door when i try place it it look somewhat like this the the screenshot show below

This would fit into the category: support, bugs

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Oops, it was the double door, not the picket fence. :sweat_smile:

I guess they are similar enough to be together in the same report…