Invisible obstacles prevent fence placement

This seems to happen a lot, I place a line of fence walls and gate for a pasture and one fence next to the gate refuses to place properly next to gate, When first placing the fence line it all lines up fine, but when the Hearthlings place them one will be behind or infront of where it was suppose to be placed, I get a red X when trying to place it where it was suppose to go.

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I found this out as well. however, if you rotate it, there is actually a front and back to the fences and gates. if you rotate it, it will fit properly

On the gate yes, sometimes when this bug affects a gate you can turn it around and it will fit, but not the fence walls, can’t do a thing but move your whole pasture somewhere else.

Aw, come on! I thought @Albert had fixed gate collisions in one of the earlier A12 builds?

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Only fixed for the wooden gates apparently. Stone gates are also now fixed for the next build. Thanks!