Fence Moving/Correction/Replacement Random Ghost

After struggling for several minutes trying to put some fence around my massive animal pens I found that if I misplace a fence and want to move it one block over the ghost of “where the fence is going to placed” is in the wrong place but when the fence is placed, it is put in the correct spot. PSB:

Also you are able to place two fences next to each other (touching blocks) yet they will not fit and just jump randomly to another touching unblocked block which is annoying when you have 200+ fences to put down and have to keep going back to move the whole line along one because you misplaced one earlier…


Do you mean the ghost fence doesn’t correspond to the place where the fence is actually placed ?
For your second paragraph, I just don’t understand.

Yes and I tried to post a second picture to better describe the issue. Say you have an empty space 4 blocks long and 1 block deep and you want to place fence on them. If you place a fence on each block (a fence is 2 blocks long and 1 block deep); 1 fence per block, they will be displaced as to not overlap. Multiple this by 200 fence posts and if you aren’t super careful like me then you will make a lot of mistakes and get very annoyed.

So if I understand well, you place fences next to each other ?
Idk if the team wanted that but you can place fences next to each other or with one empty block between.

If you place them next to each other longways, then they will jump to another unblocked empty block due to overlapping which is the problem.

Oh I see. For instance : you place 3 fences next to each other. One will be moved one block away behind or in front ?

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I noticed this too. It all works well, except the visual representation of where it will be placed, the ghost is wrong, even though at the end the hearthling ignores the wrong ghost and puts the fence in the correct place you wished at the start.

Fences are something that devs know we are having trouble with and told us they will try to rework it.

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A click and drag system would greatly improve gameplay for items like fences that need to be connect one after another in large quantities. Also a system that automatically detects itself as being a corner piece and alters it’s appearance to match that.

These problems have all been resolved by other games lets just hope the devs don’t just run off with our early access money and not finish this potentially awesome game!

This happened to me before, and honestly, I felt like deleting the world as it tainted my town’s appearance, when all of a sudden, it just disappeared! Please fix this :confused:

Hey there @Mike_Smith, welcome to the Discourse!

The devs have acknowledge many times that the fence system needs improvement. I believe that @sdee mentioned a few streams ago that a click and drag system similar to walls was one of the potential options. As for corner pieces, your best option at the moment would be @TomMartow’s end pieces mod:

I don’t think you need to worry about that. This game started off as a pet project for the co-founders Tom and Tony, who quit their jobs in Silicon Valley to start work on this (back in 2012). Once they felt they had made enough progress, it launched on Kickstarter in 2013. They have been working ever since, and have added on new devs along the way (Stephanie, Albert, Chris, Yang, Linda), and show no signs of slowing down :smile:.

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After being linked to this thread @Mike_Smith I decided to create and update my mod (Now 1.05) with two new models. The 10 Piece Wall and Fence which saves time by playing 1 10 piece sized fence/wall rather than individually placing 10 fences and walls.

I fully agree that we need a click and drag system but for now all we have is my mod. Plus I can keep waving my where’s wally book in everyone’s faces.

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I think I’ve seen this reported somewhere, but I’m not sure. Might be lack of sleep…