[Con] [d1633] Fence Gates cause crash

Playing a peaceful game in d1633, and happened to place a fence gate. This is actually 3 bugs in one report BTW - these things clearly need their code looked at carefully…

Bug 1: Fence gate “ghost” is sometimes off-set from the mouse pointer, and the two gates themselves are considerably offset on either side from the posts they’re supposed to be attached to. Actual placement position is where the mouse is pointing, not where the ghost model appears. I tried to reproduce it 2 mins ago and couldn’t though :confused: .

Bug 2: Fence gate posts cannot be disassembled and returned to a stockpile.

Bug 3: Game crash. To reproduce, place a fence gate post then order it to be disassembled. THEN order it to be moved. You will get the following error:

Assertion Failed: !Intersects(cube)(..\..\..\source\csg\region.cpp:114)

Followed by a nice big wall o’ red text and the following two (detailed) errors (just repeated lots):

The game froze at some point here as well.

Something else to note: I tried the “disassemble order then move order” for a cabinet, and whilst the disassemble order was ignored, the move order was obeyed, and the game had no errors.

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I have something similar in Build 1665, unfortunately i cannot upload the screen shot at this time as I am new to the forum, hopefully I will get it up soon.

feel free to toss the image up to something like imgur.com, and we can take care of embedding it for you… :+1:

OK, here is the image for my crash report

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I am experiencing something similar to issue #3, but using only ordinary fences. I placed the ghosts too close together, which resulted in the fences stacking, and when I tried to move the stacked fences, I started getting “Assertion Failed: !Intersects(cube)” popups and the other errors reported above.
screenshot showing stacked fences
traceback window
I also have a screenshot of the error log window, but “new users can only put 2 links in a post” and it mostly consists of “execution_frame.luac:510 Unknown C++ exception”