[NaB] Alpha 8 Fence Glitch

Hey guys,

I found a glitch when placing fences To reproduce this -

  • Place two fences, One as close to the other as possible, (must be done both before placed)
  • And then try to move the fence that’s not in place
  • And lastly the poor villager will freeze in that position till you take the fence of them, Then you have to remove the other fence so the other one will fall.

Sorry if this is confusing, I got a video of it. Not a major glitch but thought I’d report it. I’ve seen a similar post but couldn’t find it, so sorry if this is a re-peat.

jup its an old bug ^^

little tip: try the cookmod from froggy - he has also added a fencepole so the ends looks very good now xD Stonehearth Cafe

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Also note, fences are a work in progress… there’ll be a different placement method in the future through which they’ll fix a lot of these bugs


pssst dont spoiler all infos :wink:

Haha I heard a while ago there was going to be work on fences in a future alpha, However I wasn’t sure if this had been reported :stuck_out_tongue: But still love that comment :wink:


hey there @Stoneheartfan … thanks for the report… :+1:

on the one hand, I can confirm this behavior… on the other, as has been mentioned, fences are going to be overhauled significantly in an upcoming alpha, so I think we’ll just mark this as NaB and close it for now…