[Con] Fences and gates stockpile association

Yeah, i know that this has been asked only 7 days ago, but it’s the worst bug i’ve come across yet. Why did that thread get closed?

(I am a foreign player and thus… could somebody explain what “borked” is supposed to mean?!)


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the previous report was submitted when fences were known to be “broken” in general, hence the closure… but seeing as they are now reimplemented, we’ll leave this report open… thanks!

oh, and b0rked is simply slang for broken… :wink:

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I have been pondering this. It is possible that the definition of what a fence is has a problem so when you tell your workers to which storage area it is to be put in its not well defined. Generally I have only seen my workers put them in areas that are for everything not specialty areas.


Thank you very much, sir :smile:

And thanks for the reply itself as well!
I hope that this will get fixed soon so i can finally put a fence around my area :wink:

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That’s exactly what I noticed too. There are a few items that are not assigned to a specific category, so if you don’t have a catch-all stockpile, they just put them to one side. I think that’s a fail-safe mechanism for the crafter after they removed the special crafter stockpiles. On the one hand, the fail-safe is working, which is good. On the other hand, it shows that some items are not currently tagged for putting into specific stockpiles.

I saw someone had posted this bug for Alpha4 but as that topic is closed and it’s still true for Alpha5 thought I’d post.

Fairly simple one this, unless you have a stockpile set to allow ‘ALL’ Picket Fences and Gates won’t be moved to a stockpile. Presume they just need to be categorised properly under the construction category, specifically presumably under ‘defences’.

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thanks for the confirmation… your report has been merged here, and the title tweaked a bit to match yours… :+1:

Carpenter does want to put the fences in to the stock piles


can confirm this… don’t we have an existing report though?

This was just because of some problem with the stockpile categories for the fences. I found some report that could match with this one.

@grarup, make a general stockpile that can contain anything. Fences should be moved then. That used to be the workaround for this.

[confirmed for r156]

The small stockpIle was an attempt to solve the problem with an stockpile that takes all. Does not work.

Is it a new stockpile? Or is it an existing one that you changed to “All”?

Because they say it has to be a completely new one. If that doesn’t work, anyway it will be a good feedback, the more information we have, the better, so check it if you can, please.

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So I was trying to build a fence for town safety. I placed a section of fence next to the hill side and my people placed it on that little lip as can be seen in the attached link. I built ladders for them to reach and move it, but all they did was stack it on top of itself. My carpenter also does not seem to like using the resource areas. They simply build the fence and never place it into the stockpile.
In another game I started, a trader offered me some fence sections. I gladly gave him the berries he asked for in return, the sections were dumped near my banner as normal. But my people never added them to the stock pile.

Your bug is mostly related to this one, so I moved your post here.

Thanks for reporting, and welcome to the forum :smile: !

I’ve built a studio for my Carpenter, but there’s a small issue with stockpiles. I made a “Construction” stockpile, but whenever my Carpenter builds a fence, he just places it randomly on the ground. http://i.imgur.com/Z75WEBU.png

He seems to be able to place them in my all-purpose stockpile near my flag for some reason, however.

There are some similar posts from a few months ago, but posting just in case.

Yeah this has been an on going problem for a while, the devs just haven’t gotten around to it yet.