Moving an item sometimes causes new item to be placed

Let’s use an example. I might place 20 fences, then decide to move them over one block, so I pause and queue it up, moving them all. Then the hearthlings come and start moving them. The problem is, some hearthlings only see where the fences need to be moved and instead place a new fence so that the the one to be moved stays where it is. If another hearthling was in the process of moving the old one, it gets put into the supply, which sounds nice, except…

…This gets extremely frustrating with containers! I don’t know how many times I’ve said to move a container, say full of food, and the hearthlings place down a new one, with nothing in it, and new filters. Plus, if someone else was moving it, it then gets out into the supply and I then have no idea which one has the items!

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place a bunch of stuff (be sure to have as many spares)
  2. Move every single one (preferably on the other side of the stuff, so hearthlings trying to place new ones instead of move old ones will get there first)
  3. Press play and watch the chaos.

Expected Results:
Hearthlings will only move the items and not place new ones

Actual Results:
Some hearthlings only realize there needs to be a thing there, and figures he can just place a new one.

Already placed block do not get moved to another’s place, only items in the supply.

Version Number and Mods in use:
It’s happened to me in Alpha 15 and all the early access beta branches of Alpha 16.

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I think this has to do with Queuing - when one hearthling decides to do anything (even if they are a 2 minute walk away) they reserve that object and prevent any other hearthling from being able to think about it.

It would be nice if hearthlings would decide to ‘go to a location’ instead of ‘do a task’, that way if another hearthling decided to do a task because they were right next to it, they would be able to instead of being forced to wait for the other hearthling - or to screw things up like in your description. But then you could easily have 20 hearthlings queuing up for the same task… they could probably still tag things off a list of ‘things to do’, but then I’m not a programmer and I’m sure there would be issues. Shrug I dunno, the current system is a bit clunky, but fixing it may be a HUGE task.

Actually, I’m fairly sure the problem is, the object to be moved says “Hey, move me over there” but the actual location says “Put an object here” and doesn’t specify that it has to be the specific to-move object instead of any old matching object from the supply