Item does not getting moved but replaced

Okay this one is a little bit hmmm …
I did craft a lot of crates.
I wanted to place those crates but 7 of those crates vanished out of my placing list.
After a few ingame days I wanted to move some crates from far away near to my place.
Instead of getting those crates moved, my hearthlings placed NEW crates.
I think those new crates were those which vanished out of my inventory.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. craft some crates
  2. place some far away
  3. place some near your camp
  4. now move the crates from far away near your camp

Expected Results:
crates getting moved

Actual Results:
crates stay where they are and new crates are beeing placed

I do not know if you can really reproduce this…

Version Number and Mods in use:
… latest steam test version on april 14

We had some similar issues in the past, like the saplings not being placed, items vanishing or items not willing to be placed, so it’s not strange to see this happen. It’d be good if we could have savefiles where this is happening, but at first sight one might not notice the bug if you’re not paying much attention to the inventory :sweat:

Which containers did you have? (Stockpiles, small/large crates, leather chests…?)

This is my observation

One factor involves distance. The thought is that if you select a chest to be moved from one location to another then a unique link is created between that object and the ghost object created at the new location. However all the Hearthling seems to knows is that a chest needs to be place at that location and a box is box and will select the closest one. The further away an item is the less priority it seems to receive. Hearthling seem to select task that are closer to them, so the far away crates are less appealing than restocking an item on the ground at their feet. They will eventually go get the far away crates as soon as nothing else is grabbing their attention but they are not above taking shortcuts. Another factor that seems to be involved is the number of items in the world. Small population with few items seem to work as intended, but once you get over 2-3 thousand items is when I notice this behavior.