Storage movement errors

ive noticed a strange bug were the items in a crate, chest or vault seem to dissaper if you move them…

it seems to happen at random so im not really sure how to go about making it happen again

Hey there @Fralee, are you saying that if you move a storage device (crate, chest, vault) with items stored inside, that not all of those items are inside when the item is placed in a new location?

ya I moved 5 vaults with 100+ items in each one then when I checked them in the new placements 4 of the 5 had 0 items

That’s definitely odd. So you’ve only seen it happen with vaults…not crates or chests?

ive seen it happen with all the storage ‘boxes’ but atm im using stone chests and vaults atm

OK. I’ve never paid that close attention (nor do I move storage units that often). Hey @8BitCrab, @Relyss, @SteveAdamo, any of you seen/heard this before?

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ive gotten into the habbit of saving before moving any of those storage items now

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Would be great to get one of those saves! Specifically one where you notice missing items afterwards…

im not sure a save would work in this case…
I can reload the same save and the items will not disappear .

I can still offer a save if needed :laughing:

Well that is definitely strange…Let’s wait for the other mods to come say hi here, see what they have to say.

I’m afraid I’m in the same boat… I don’t think I’ve ever specifically looked to make sure items made it from A to B (within storage)…

i think that would definitely help! :+1:

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well i haven’t played the game in the last while. and i don’t believe i’ve seen it reported yet.

@sdee @jomaxro @8BitCrab @yshan @Albert

I think I might have found a different bug…
ive noticed when going to move the full crates/vaults a lot of the time my Hearthlings will take one from a stash and place it instead of moving the one I wanted moved

the -> arrow dissapers on the one I wanted moved but it dose not get moved, one is taken fomr my stash and put down

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@Fralee, have you encountered this in A14? I haven’t seen any recent reports…

it taking one out of storage rather then moving the one you wanted. haven’t noticed it yet
it looks like it has been fixed at this point

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This just happened to me on r523 A14. I can reproduce it by changing the distance of the chest placed from the empty chest. If I move a full chest from far away and place it by the stockpile that holds empty version of the chest, usually the empty chest gets placed instead. If I move the full chest and place it far away from the stockpile holding the empty chest (doesn’t need to be really far) the full chest can be moved. I don’t know if that distance away from the empty chest is relative to the distance of the full chest or a static number as I haven’t really tested it, just found a sweet spot to move my trapper chests nearer to my main village without it triggering the empty chest to be placed instead.

Alrighty then…back to bug reports we go!

ill test it out again in the morning its 2am here atm and im tired >.<

Eep, sorry for not reporting earlier, I just figured it was a known bug and didn’t need more input.

No worries. The were no updates on the report since November, and I am going through old reports at the moment. That’s why I asked!