Items in removed storage squares don't get moved to new ones

Basically, whenever I remove a storage square on the ground and make a new one somewhere else, my heartlings don’t move the items on the ground to the new one. They will only gather up items on the ground to put them in supply storage. I have tried using normal containers nearby as well, but they still ignore the items on the ground.
I have played for about 16 hours, have about 28 heartlings and I’m playing on hard mode.
I have tried the same thing in another game as well, so it’s not exclusive to this one save.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have items in a storage square
  2. Remove storage square
  3. Make a new storage square somewhere else

Expected Results:
Items getting move to new location

Actual Results:
Items on ground are not getting moved to new storage square.

The items on the ground still count as a part of the towns inventory so they can still be used, but they just won’t be moved unless if being used or put in supply storage. Don’t know if it has anything to do with the fact that my heartlings seems to drop their inventory at random all over the place.


Version Number and Mods in use:
Version 0.23.0 (release 784) x64 build, unstable version
No mods

System Information:
Processor: Intel Core I5-2400 3,3GHz
Nvidia Geforce GTX 970

How many hearthlings do you have when this happens?

Do you have storage filters default to ‘None’ enabled in your settings?

I have about 28 heartlings, 7-8 workers, and the filters are all set to what should be placed in the squares. I have tried both having the filters set to all, and to specific items, and the result is still the same.

Hmm, yes I do have the filters set to none in default, but I always go in after I make the square and set the filters to what it should hold.

Could you upload that savefile? It will be useful for investigating performance issues.

  1. Find the save folder for the saves you wish to upload. By default, they are located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\saved_games (assuming a default Steam install).
  2. Zip the folder.
  3. Right click the folder (should be a long set of numbers).
  4. Left click on Send to in the menu that appears.
  5. Left click on `Compressed (Zipped) folder).
  6. (Optional) Rename the folder to something different than the default set of numbers.
  7. Upload the save.
  8. If the zip is less than 10 MB, you can upload it directly. Either use the upload button or drag and drop it into the compose window,
  9. If larger than 10 MB, upload it to a cloud storage site like Dropbox, Google Drive, File Dropper, etc. and post the sharing link here.

Well it’s excatly 10 mb :smiley: So it should be uploaded now :slight_smile:

Don’t know if I’m doing this wrong, can’t see where it’s uploaded to :S I’ll try dropbox.

You should be able to get it from here

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You have a lot of hearthlings, so running the game at high speed might make them idle (too much calculations trying to finish in less time) and so they start dropping items randomly all over the place, interrupting what they were doing.

Running at normal speed, I see them just prioritizing the input boxes for the crafters (as they should), the loot, and then the rest of items that need to be restocked. There’s also an intended AI behavior where they will prioritize restocking first items of which you have less in storage (not inventory, storage and stockpiles). So after I saw them restocking wood and ores for the input bins, I finally got to see them restocking loot, pelts and those items near the herbalist workbench, little by little. There are many items all over the place so it’s going to take a while to get all of them in storage.

The performance is still concerning, so thanks for the savefile, it will come handy for debugging these issues. :slightly_smiling_face:

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No problem, thanks for the advice, I’ll run at normal speed instead :slight_smile: Always happy to help debugging.