Hearthlings wont cleanup the ground or dismantle objects


since im playing stonehearth again (You did very well since i played this game 2017) a have some small problems with it. Basic Information:

  • Fresh Savegame with no version jumps
  • Around 18 hearthlings

Here are the two things:

  • I relocated the starting piles for items (i have enough space and many free piles now) but it seems like the heathlings do not care about those items on the ground.

  • I want to dismantle for example the starting beds (same behaviour with every other item) but no hearthling is doing it. If i just relocate them the job gets done immediately.

Help would be appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

it probably has to do with priorities, just storing things away has a low priority, if there are things to mine or build or chop they will always do that first. did they not store AND just stand about like fools? or were they still doing other things?

Check the filters on your storage stockpiles, or chests. If they never put away your bed when you ordered them too, but will relocate it, it might be that none of the storages are set to allow beds (furniture) or other things. You can make a stockpile or chest set to allow “All” to see if they start putting things inside.