Hearthlings wont pick up items

I recently started a game and everything was going great. Then all of a sudden my world was being littered with entities because my hearthlings wouldn’t bother picking them up. Haul is selected on the job list and no other tasks are in need of completion but they wont pick up the items and put them in storage. They will do all the other jobs though. Any fixes for this?

Version? Mods? Storage filter settings?

This is actually an issue that’s in 866 Paul, with one of the recent updates hauling has just gone to crap. I have all my hearthlings set to do nothing but haul and it’s been 5 in game days and they still have crap everywhere and lots are idling despite stockpile space and crap everywhere. F5 sometimes helps but mostly I have to reload a save to get some of the stuck ones to start picking up.

My trapper fields often have HUNDREDS (400+) of piles of meat, and my mines too (easily up to thousands) and even where I plant and cut down trees…hauling has really slowed down.

Give us a save to take a look.

I can confirm the same issue happening on 866 in both multiplayer games I attempted to play with a friend. We downgraded to the stable beta and hauling is now working as expected.

Is the new ‘hauler’ only active in 866 and not in the stable version? The results were identical as @Jade_Elizabeth mentioned, with hearthlings only responding to mining, chopping wood and building. All hearthlings collectively stopped hauling items to and from the stockpile.

No, the new restocking system is also in the stable version. There are few restocking differences between stable and unstable, so this is likely a specific bug. A savegame where this occurs would greatly help us identify it.

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it wont let me upload the save file because im a new user

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I just gave you permissions to upload files. Could you reload the page and try again?
If the file is larger than 10MB you’ll have to upload it to a free storage site (Dropbox, Google Drive…) and share the download link here.

ok thanks here is the save file (link to google drive)



Hi, I just bought the game yesterday and encountered this very bug it seems. There are rocks and meat lying all over the place, even though I’ve set all my hearthlings to haul and all the storage areas to accept all items.

I can also share my save if it would help. Gonna follow this thread for now.

A savefile would be useful, @Justforthis :slightly_smiling_face:
Do they start to haul if you save/reload?

If the place is littered with items, it’ll take a while for them to finish hauling everything :confused:

@ Relyss
Here you go :slight_smile:

They just idle around, I’ve left them to it for some time and they just sit at the hearth or do other tasks. When all other tasks are disabled they just do nothing.

I did reload the save. On the screenshot it looks like they are restocking, and they are, but those are freshly cut trees and some meats, as soon as they carried those they went idle and all the stones inside and around my base are just left there.

just started back up yesterday and oh boy it hauling slow. it seems they get distracted buy everything else but hauling and putting things away

they will move placed thigns in a heartbeat but to uproot and put into storage it takes forever
if they do uproot it they just leave it there anyway

@Justforthis, those items that they’re not picking up need to be looted. Did you have auto-loot enabled in your game settings? Otherwise, you need to use the loot tool which is inside the harvest menu, and drag a square over them so that they’re marked for looting.

If you notice, when hovering over those items they appear in red or with a red outline, that means they belong to the enemies. For your hearthlings to pick them up, they need to be marked as loot.

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@Relyss oooooh really? Now I feel like a fool, I will try that! Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for the help!

The savefile from @Artorius had some items without player_id, so the hearthlings were completely ignoring them. Also many unreachable items either in the sand or on top of storages, which need ladders for the hearthlings to reach them.

Not sure why the oysters couldn’t be harvested nor how those logs don’t have player_id, it might have to do with the mods versions from back then. :thinking: