Picking/dropping up Items

Just started a new game with the new unstable branch. 08.08.2015. When my Hearthlings started harvesting some wild silkweed they keep picking up the bundles of fiber, take one or two steps then drop their complete backpacks, and repeat. Plenty of room in the stockpile and several large creates in the area.


ive mentioned something similair in here: 2534 - storage bugs/issues

im unsure how to work around, it usaly happends to me after loading a game
you could try placing storage directly below them?

This started happening to me as well. Using the latest unstable release from steam (2534 I believe?)

My town was progressing really well. Got up about 5 buildings. Day 27 of Deepmun. 25 Hearthlings.
Most, but not all, just start picking things up then putting them down again over and over. I have a few tasks set for them and they won’t do them, and many are hungry but won’t go eat. Very strange.

They were doing it directly on a stockpile too before I took this screenshot. One specified for only wood, but they were picking up/dropping any item type over and over.

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the hunger part has never been an issue for me, i juggle between pause and play alot
just keep the game on pause untill you see their animations change from standing to walking

Apparently I’m not the only one then, same things are happening to me:

Dev 2534 - Hearthlings always hungry, there's plenty of food
Dev 2534 - Hearthlings stuck organizing stockpiles

This just killed one game I have going with 2534. I have 5 hearthlings stuck in a loop picking things up and putting them down. They arent moving anything, just standing in one place picking up and dropping the same item(s). I couldnt figure out a work around. I tried assigning new jobs etc.

I’ve gotten an error now. Not sure if it’s related at all:
develop-2534 (x64)
…s/construction_data/construction_data_component.luac:97: attempt to index field ‘entity’ (a nil value)
stack traceback:
[C]: ?
…s/construction_data/construction_data_component.luac:97: in function ‘set_contributes_to_score’
…s/construction_data/construction_data_component.luac:16: in function <…s/construction_data/construction_data_component.luac:15>

Same problem here.

Day 25, 20 Hearthlings

Also: My sheperd is really unhappy, because I can’t place the fences out of the crates :cry:

Hm, the fallout from the backpacks continues. Anyone with a save of this happening to them, please send it on to contact@radiant-entertainment.com. We tend not to be able to play really long games, due to code churn, so anything you’ve got to help us repro this would be super helpful.

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the save file i just sent has a few workers/soldiers doing this. Not sure if it caused one of my hearthlings to die of starvation or not.

@sdee I emailed one of my save files, hope that helps.
This one also had the issue of my hearthlings not eating ( Dev 2534 - Hearthlings always hungry, there's plenty of food), but I think they were just stuck in a loop organizing stockpiles.

I am curious…are we being helpful or just overwhelming you guys with this stuff? If you need us to play/test/focus anything in particular that would be more helpful please let us know :smiley:

Oh my god… All the bugs… Were caused by Bethesda! It all makes sense!

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Definitely helpful. :slight_smile: There’s just six of us devs, so we don’t get to playtest as much as we’d like, and our autotests only cover so much. If there’s a bug you’ve found, we want to know about it! That way we can make an accurate guestimate as to what is most important to do at any moment, and then work on that. :slight_smile:


Cool. Good to be helpful. This bug is def slowing down the game to a crawl.

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I think thats really amazing that there are only six of you. In all your free time :laughing: do you mind describing how you individually and as a group got started/involved in developing this game? I have enjoyed trying to post and help out where I can

(As a commonly asked cliche side comment…Developing and designing games like this is something i always wanted to do. But learning to code as a side project seems like an overwhelming task on top of my average joe job. Can you comment on how you all started? If this is in a thread somewhere can you point me to it.)

I saved just before this error occur…
but when i loaded the save… not error and all guy go to lunch…
18 days, 11/5/5

guys, if you have the not eating problem, pause the game and wait for the preformance bar(bottem right) to become green
i know what ppl mean by “not eating” but i sometimes purposely dont pause the game untill they finish what they where doing, then i pause, let it process, and then its dinner time

although when they do go for food they drop all the items on the spot(like the endless loop) exept after dropping they go for food
so maybe somewhere there is a link to get them stuck in that loop

testing needed, keep the info flowing guys(unless a dev stops by to tell that a solution has been found)

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ive managed to reproduce the issue in a new game, ill put down the steps i took @sdee

1.start new game
2.make 4x4 storage no.1
3.cut down trees to fill up storage(let it fill up)
4.make 4x4 storage no.2
5.change filter on no.1 to not allow wood(they will start moving to no.2)
6.change filter on no.1 to allow wood again
7.change filter on no.2 to not allow wood
8.profit(endless loop)

ive talked about the issue before that items removed from storage this way doesnt mark the storage emty
but to add to that: hearthlings pick up items, they know there is space, but dont see available space

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Perhapse this should be proposed in the suggestions category but…wouldn’t it be helpful if we could designate the zone before placing it. I assume placing it first with the default ‘everything included’ stockpile setting sets this on the wrong path from the start.