Stockpiles - Have a "Default Stockpile" button

This came up over in this thread: Picking/dropping up Items

What I’m suggesting is that stockpiles have a method of creating a default setting for them. Some players prefer stockpiles to automatically have everything put into them upon creation, whereas others may want them to be set to none upon creation.

My suggestion would be to put a button within the stockpile creation/editing menu that allows you to use your settings as the default stockpile settings. Basically you’d set up your stockpile the way you like, click the button, and a dialogue box would ask if you’d like to use those settings as the default setting for all new stockpiles. The implementation doesn’t have to be exactly like this, but it may be an option for players to set a standard for their stockpiles.


I really like this idea!

I think instead of a default option it should be a prompt for each stockpile/crate/other storage.

Stockpiles - Once you place a stockpile, the game will ask you what you would like to use this space for (before Hearthlings are able to move items onto them)

Crates - Once you move a crate out of a stockpile, the prompt will show up (before you place the item and/or before Hearthlings can use them)