Better stockpile management

For the last days I have been playing this more frequently and I find it kinda annoying that I can’t manage my stockpiles.

I’ve came up with some options to help you do just that (but I have no idea if it is hard to code)

  1. I would love to have a option to have stockpiles feed into one another, so that my hearthlings would be able to keep a set or a minimum number of items in a stockpile at most times.

The main use for this was that I can keep my craft’s men/woman supplied with all the materials they need near them and that they wont run around all the time to get the stuff they need

  1. Bulk storage. This is a storage type that is only used to store items that can’t be placed elsewhere and if there is room somewhere then a hearthling will get the item.

  2. Maybe even a new class named stockpile manger that gets faster and faster when he/she levels up and also can take more (of the same sort) items with him/her if he/she levels up.
    Also an idea for leveling him/her up, is XP for distance he/she has run with items (see it as strength training)

I did found a topic with a somewhat similar problem but that was to prioritize it and not manage it


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