Hearthlings don't restock item

My hearthlings don’t pick up most items on the ground even there are room in any storage:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. When some job like weavers produce some item. Generally, it must put production in any match filtered storage but the most time they just leave it on the ground and nobody pick it up even worker. it will be picked up when it will be used to produce something and further weaver will take a minute to produce next item
  2. in all-filtered storage it draw most attraction to hearthlings to put item on it. but still left some on the ground

Expected Results: hearthling should be cleaning up all item in the ground if there have room in storage

Actual Results:



Version Number and Mods in use: NO mod but A23 Stable version

System Information: i7 4690k with gtx970 ram8GB win-10

I’m having similar trouble. Are they mostly standing around idling? Mine did not tidy up or go and get loot.

it’s always like that for me later in the game.