[R874] Hearthlings ignore items to be stockpiled after length of time

After playing for a length of time Hearthlings eventually start to ignore items laid out in the world and do not stockpile them, despite having ‘haul’ job ticked and there being space.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start up a game.
  2. Chop down many trees / mine / litter the world with items.
  3. After a length of time items stop being stockpiled / are ignored as if they did not exist.

Expected Results:
When there is space in the stockpile items should always be stocked.

Actual Results:
Have to reload the save game for Hearthlings to ‘wake up’ and begin stockpiling again.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Release-874 (x64) - No mods

Edit: Related / duplicate to this post.

A temporary fix might be restarting the game, not just re-load.

One thing I like to do is either place stockpiles / chests closer to the areas (mine entrance, trapping grounds) and even make one worker ONLY do hauling

Also make sure you’re not playing on 4x speed :smiley:

x4 speed is what causes this issue?
Before the most recent update I’ve only run into the “Hearthlings stop hauling” issue every once in a blue moon. Now however its becoming more common.

Yeah, it’s under unstable settings