[r874] Hearthlings still do not bother restocking items

I’ve completed the hearth quest and noticed for a while now that my hearthlings stopped hauling items completely for no reason.

While playing, everything went as it should be for a few hours. After a few hours of playing I had to force close Stonehearth because everything internally froze (Forced pause and unable to access UI) most likely to due heavy memory leaks.

After playing again today, I noticed about half an hour later that my hearthlings suddenly stopped restocking items, even though item space in storages is still available. Most likely this issue has occured soon after I completed the hearth mission as my hearthlings now prioritize sitting near the eternally lit new campfire.

And here’s the savefile for anyone interested. Notice: As seen in the screenshot, it contains modded content.

restockbug.rar (6.3 MB)

Are you seeing the issue when loading that save? When I load it, restocking is happening normally, although it takes them a while to get to that huge wood pile because there are only 5 workers and tons of items to restock.

I’ve got the same issue in my world in the latest build. Had around 15-20 available workers but none would haul. Reloading helped but only for so long as it occurred two more times. Seems to be a memory leak, at least in my case.
Here’s the save for the sake of completeness: 1531443925901.7z (9.4 MB)
Can’t remember if it started before completing the hearth quest. I’ve got a hunch that the problem tends to occur more likely after a building is completed but that may be coincidence.

@Cusuno, were you using the [Mod] Workshop Inventory Display mod?
It was causing the UI freeze, the author updated it so it should be fixed now.

I’m disabled this mod before but my hearthlings don’t restocking items from trader. Also this items don’t count as available
stonehearth.log (2.1 MB)
save https://1drv.ms/u/s!Asn3lEt-4tOhivY9Kn61Fl3f0xjhoQ but I’m not sure that it can help you because after load they will go to restock

No, I did not use this particular mod.

Yes, reloading the save file seems to have fixed the bug temporarily, meaning something in the background must’ve become broken for the AI to stop hauling things which only a reload could fix.