[Mod] Workshop Inventory Display

Hi everyone!

This mod shows an additional information panel in the crafter’s workshop to display the number of items you already have (in stock and deployed) for the currently selected crafting recipe.


  • July 13: Updated to be much much more efficient.
  • July 11: Update to increase compatibility. This version is compatible with Alpha 24+ and Beta release-874
  • July 11: Updated to support current unstable release-874.
  • July 10: initial version that works with release-870.

Known issues:

  • does not count equipped talisman items such as the carpenter’s saw or trapper’s knife. Talisman items in stockpiles/containers will be counted though.


Steam Workshop:
Workshop Inventory Display



I’ve just made an update that supports the current unstable release-874 version of the game.

The update is not yet in Steam Workshop.

download at the first post ^^^


Heads up: tracking items like that is super expensive, and makes the JS garbage collector very, very sad (to the point of eventually killing the whole UI). That fetches the JSON for every item from the C++ client to the JS process whenever anything in the inventory updates. A bunch of our code was doing that in the past, so sorry for setting a bad example - it’s been fixed since. You should be able to access anything you need from those items using App.catalog.

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Oh yes? Just remove the "uri" and "canonical_uri" component parts?

Thank you for the tip. :merry:

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Thank you for fast responding. It will heavy affect me :smile:

Thanks @max99x and @Nikolay.

The mod is now much more efficient and it is updated on the download links on the first post and on the steam workshop.

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FYI: This mod is compatible with the current versions of Stonehearth and ACE.