Suggestion: Crafted items on hand in the crafters window

I’d like to see how many of a crafted item I have on-hand in the crafters recipe window without having to sort through town inventory and do the math on how many I have deployed vs not deployed.
Perhaps in the form of (any of these):

  • a number indicator on the product icon itself
  • a tooltip on icon hover
  • in the description flyout on the right

It would also be super helpful to see how much a crafted item would sell for to the wandering merchant in case I have material overstock and decide to make a bunch to sell for gold.


I love this idea! I frequently do exactly what you describe when crafting items, having it displayed (or in a toolkit) would be awesome.

Thanks jomaxro!

I think it makes total sense, right? They may have something similar already up their sleeve but I know this would make hearthlife so much easier! Just thought I’d drop it a bug in someones ear :slight_smile:

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I will try to build such a mod this weekend.


That would be amazing! Thanks so much!

I have made some progress, but there is still at least one show-stopping bug that I need to fix.

But here is a work-in-progress screenshot.

I’ve made a little tab-like thing that displays the number in inventory of the currently selected recipe’s product, if you know what I mean.

I shall continue working on it later to fix the bug.


I’ve got a mostly-working mod for this now.

There are two issues:

  1. equipment like tools and armour are not accounted for once hearthlings have equipped them.
  2. materials like bolt of cloth or bolt of leather are always indicated as ‘deployed’

Get the s’mod: workshop_inventory_display.smod

Does anyone know how to get a list of citizens’ equipment? I tried the ‘stonehearth:equipment_tracker’ but it explicitly only counts items which are ‘on the ground’ or in ‘public storage’ and, thus, not in hearthlings’ equipment (I’m working in the client in javascript). @xxdalexx, @BrunoSupremo, et al?

You have already found the inventory parts I know about it. My idea would be to start with looking at ui\game\character_sheets\citizen_character_sheet\citizen_character_sheet.js and find the Lua that feeds components section. More specifically the part:

'stonehearth:equipment' : {
    'equipped_items' : {
        '*' : {
            'uri': {},
            'unit_info' : {},

Figure out the Lua and write a loop through to feed into your js.

There may be a better way someone else knows, or even somewhere in the javascript that already contains it all, but that’s how I would start my search if I were trying to accomplish that.

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I think that’s because those are items, and don’t have the 3 forms the other objects have (placed, ghost, iconic). The other items are counted as deployed when in ghost or normal forms, and undeployed when in iconic form (still in storage).
Cloth don’t have an iconic so it is always considered deployed (it doesn’t need the 3 forms, it is always in small item form)

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Also why not just use the auto-craft mechanic in your placement window? I would like to see all possible doors/lamps/… (highlighted if they are ready to be crafted) in this menu, this would also make some planning easier (place ghosts beforehand and auto-queue them in the workshop). If the list gets too long, one could make a switch for hide/show all stockpiled/craftable/possible items.
In the the long term we’re going to have too many workshops to keep track of all possible items (and what we have and need, in my opinion. So I think this mod is the first step to reduce the micro management and counting all your items. :+1:

Great addition. Grabs some paper :pencil2:


Paper!? Who still uses paper :wink:

Should see the amount of post-its on my desk currently.


Excellent idea. There is much room for improvement here.

Another thing I think would be a nice addition is to show how much resources are stored in piles. I fooled myself a little too) many times in a row, thinking all the logs were gone, only to realise I had three log piles ready to be harvested.

Of course I only realised after I had cut away a piece of forest I’d liked to have had preserved. :sad:

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I wonder if something like an “auto harvest” checkbox is possible. I know some people like piles (or harvestable plants for that matter) for aesthetics. However, if you’re using them for space management, it would be nice if Hearthlings knew that they could break down piles for materials if they need to. It would cut down on micro management, that’s for sure!

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