Inventory feedback for all crafting recipes

There’s another topic for building components but I think a more general request is called for. I didn’t see this elsewhere but it is hard to search on. Apologies if this is a dup.

Anyway, ALL crafting recipes should provide live feedback for the current inventory of components in that recipe. For example, a recipe needing wood could have:

1 (14)

to show 1 is needed and 14 are available. An extension to this would be an indication of the maximum number of product that could be crafted based on the available ingredients and a warning if you ask for more than can be made right now (could just be color change in the number entered). This feature could become arbitrarily complicated through the chaining of a production queue (I’m making thread, which will then be made into cloth, which will then…) but just the basic feedback as above would be a huge help for usability.

Something like this is pretty fundamental to a good crafting UI.



This is probably the most requested feature :slight_smile:

As well as the number of each ingredient in stock, a readout of the number of the object being crafted would be useful as well. So the luxury bed screen would show that you need beds and cloth, and would tell you how many beds, how many cloth and how many luxury beds you currently have.


This simple thing right there would make our lives much more enjoyable!


should not be the big issue - the system already exist for the townoverview - there you can see all stocked items …

So every time I want to build anything, I have to check the towns overview first? Come on, that’s silly.

Every time I want to get my blacksmith doing stuff it’s a hassle. I have to go to the overview, and then remember that I have the materials for 3 steel, 2 copper, 5 tin, 2 gold and 4 silver. Close that, go back into blacksmith. Start queueing up. Now, was it 5 tin or 4? And was it four gold and two silver… or, uh, one gold and, uh… four steel, or…? Shit, time to go back into the overview.

Yep, it’s a hassle. It’s not a biggie because “Alpha”, but it is certainly a needed feature.


i havent say that you should do this :wink: i have only said that the system already exist ^^

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This is exactly what I go through each time as well. I’m sure the devs have tweaks to this coming, so no doubt it will get better. (can’t come soon enough, haha)


when crafting items, it would be nice to hughlight ingredients missing and show how much we have/how much is needed. It would give users a better view of resource management

indeed… I just had the same idea
to see the status of an active crafting job would help a lot in resource management

@SteveAdamo do you know if there was a different thread for this? i feel like there was another one, with an actual mockup of what the UI could look like, but i couldn’t find it :confused:

instead of 1(14) i think 14/1 would be a nicer way to do that

Can’t believe this is still not addressed in Alpha 11

i think you will love the new A 12 crafter UI then :wink:

if your playing through steam then you can opt into the “unstable” A 12 builds, but they may be more buggy then the stable A11 build. theres instructions on how to opt in at the bottom of this page,

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Given I have the A11 random disappearing controls bug and there seem to be issues with flying into ‘starry night’ while moving view and blocks lying about unharvested, I think I will wait for stable A12. I’m not sure the codebase is converging yet. Good to know crafting mechanics will be improved though.

actually,if im not mistaken, currently the A12 build is slightly more stable then the A11 build…

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I find it more stable and less intensive for the hardware…still a couple of nasty bugs with big gnarly teeth to iron out but I think they have a handle on those already too. A12 is awesome :smile:

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