Display total resources / Indicate if available resources left

Hi all,

I have been following development since the very beginning but I’ve never been active on the discussion board. I apologise if my topic is lacking.

I’ve done some minor digging around in the discussions, but no one seemed to mention anything similar. At least not lately.

The issue:

When crafting items, I can see how much I need in order to craft an item, but I have no direct way of knowing if I have enough resources currently.

I understand that the “kingdom” tab has an overview of current resources, but it’s at least 2 clicks to get there. I also need to close the current crafting UI.

To the suggestion:

I would like to propose a side menu to the right, with quick links to certain things that are commonly needed. For me, the resources page would be ideal for me.

The side menu would also not steal the current focus of the UI, but would slide in from the right as an additional vertically scrollable panel.

another solution, if quick access to resources is intentionally avoided, is to change font-color on the resources amount needed.

Say I want to craft a full platemail, I have the Thread and Bolt of Leather but not the steel, the number 4 could be in red, to indicate I am currently lacking this material.


One easier way to do what you want without cluttering more the UI would be to display the requirement and the stock. That would be something like:

1/236 woods (1 wood needed for the recipe on 236 in stock) or 1/0 if no stock available.

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Yup, I thought of that way too. Just worried if it messes up the UI.

But it would be really easy to tell how much you can make your way.

Not sure, @sdee is working on a refont ot the crafting UI and there requirements will get colors, perhaps adding the availability would not be terrible (in term of visual)?

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I dunno if I should just edit the topic, main body, or not.

But another issue I realised was the inability to press Enter once I’ve typed in the amount I want to craft.

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Good idea, info at-a-glance is almost never bad.

In some sneak peeks, Steph has shown they are working on the crafting UI to show your current number of items for Alpha 12 if i’m not mistaken. :smile:

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i do believe its planned (or was at least) for A 12, that will go along with the shared workbenches, teamwork, and multiple workbenches.

though the main gaze of A 12 may have shifted more towards pathfinding. (but its not like they can’t release two awesome festures at the same time.)

Hey I have the same issue with knowing how many resources are left. I used to have specific stocks next to the shops to have an indication but it looks ugly and when I change to crates I can’t see the content luckily/ sadly…

Well my idea was that you promote a leader/ stockkeeper/ writer/ herold. This guy has a writing desk as workshop and you can put some alerts into place.
These alerts could be these dialog windows saying:

"My fellow Harthlings, I am sad to anounce you need to amp up your effort because we are running low on wood. We only have X Woodlogs left."
X = your set value.

These only trigger when he is at his desk, maybe he walks to his desk on sundawn and rise and works as regular worker the other time.

This guy could also hold speeches:) and add some atmosphere.


oh my god, a snarky bookkeeper would be the best.

“my liege, I regret to inform you that due to your laziness, we will not be getting any new citizens today.”

“have you ever had mad cow disease? no? well our cows are. we are running low on cattle this season.”

“sire, the stone mason is throwing a fit due to the lack of stone again. well, not like he does anything with the stone except build fences.”

I’m dying

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this made me think of stronghold crusader… yet even better then stronghold crusader.

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"A message from the Lionheart." So many memories!

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