Crafting Menu Resources

I don’t know if this has been suggested, but it would be nice if there was a way to know if you have the resources needed to craft an item. I am getting tired of having to go to my inventory menu before making each item to make sure I have enough resources. Maybe when you click on the item it tell you how much of the resources you have underneath the resources needed to make it.

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yes. its a real hassle sometimes, specially when making ingots.

This feature is one of the things being worked on. Eventually, any building/workshop that is stuck will tell you why (missing resource, etc.)


The best suggestion I’ve heard so far on this is to have two levels of information in the workshop. Each recipe icon would have a number in the corner saying how many of that recipe you can currently craft. Then when you look at a recipe, it would show how many of each required item you have as well as how many you need.


Another idea would be a button to make the max possible of an item, or simply have it loop backward from 1 to whatever you can make at the moment.