A "craft whenever possible" button

So, i think it would be a good implementation to add a button within all crafting menus to let you craft something whenever it is possible. One example is with the metal bars. you could just set to that and the blacksmith would do it whenever he has the correct resources to do so, saves a lot of time and makes things a little bit easier. Another good example is something like the cooks food. just so you dont have to keep crafting it manually. I know the keep __ in inventory at all times button also workss for this, but i feel like this would be a lot cleaner.

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one workaround you could do is just set a regular crafting order to a ridiculously high number, then whenever you get the resources they’ll craft more of that item. of course, you’ll have to re-order it every once in awhile when that order happens to run out, but depending on how high you set the number that might not happen very often… :slight_smile:

at least i used to do that, might not be possible anymore, haven’t tested it for awhile now

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Yeah, i figured that would work, but its kinda a “ghetto” way to do it for lack of a better term.

The only problem with a “craft whenever possible” button is that you can easily use up all your materials for other craftings.

For instance, if you had Cloth on perma-build, you might not have any Spool of Thread when you want your Blacksmith to build some armour.

This is why they have the “Maintain” button. It lets you get a bit of a stockpile, without just endlessly chewing up your base materials.

Yes. But I’d probably never use it for that, I’d use maintain for that kind
of thing. I’m talking basic materials like ingots or food. Things that are
normally tedious to craft every time

Maybe crafters could have a check box for “initiative”. When checked off, if they don’t have anything in their queue they’ll automatically add items for which the town has materials available in it’s inventory.