Suggestion - Intelligent Crafting

Currently, if you put craft items at “maintain at number”, if it is before anything else, if there isn’t enuff materials to manufacture the item, the entire Q halts. Can we have it so that it skips and moves on temporarily to the next item it can currently craft??

Its very hard to maintain a good crafting flow on food because of the rabbit jerky/flour/pumpkin dileama.


I know the heartlhing skips items when not enough materials if they are just being creafted (not maintained). Must be an oversight or a bug. I don’t use maintain since it impacts my performance. That was a few alpha’s ago so maybe that has improved.

Also I think Craft items should be placed automatically before maintained items in the first place.

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Yeah, all of those changes are needed.

well, i think you’ll be glad to know, in A 12 crafters/crafting are getting an overhaul,

this includes,

  • multiple workbenches,

  • crafters of the same type working together,

  • better crafting UI, including telling you when you dont have the resources,

  • better pathfindng/ai

those are just a few of the features that i know of :smile: