[Suggestion] Craft vs Maintain

When using the “Craft X right now.” option, add the item to the top of the list, to be crafted next by the crafter.

When using the “Maintain X in inventory.” option, add the item to the bottom of the list, to be crafted by the crafter after all other tasks are accomplished.

On a related note: when increasing or decreasing the “Craft” or “Maintain” values, it would be awesome if the checkbox would automatically be selected for that task.

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I’d actually like a third option. “Reserve” where the crafter just keeps making a recipe as long as they have resources over the set number. (Especially useful for wheat, thread and ores) so say I want to make tin bars, but I want to keep five tin ore for whatever reason. As soon as I have =>7 tin ore and =>6 wood the Smith will forge at least 1 bar but will stop if making a new bar would drop me to less than 5 ore or 5 wood.

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I like this! Loading down the carpenter with maintain tasks is great and all but then a trader wants like 30 windows all the sudden and it’s slightly annoying to have to drag the 30 window frame craft task all the way to the top just so he will do that immediately!

Edit: Not trying to sound like an asshole, genuinely like want this to be a thing.