Inventory listing when building

It would be great if we had an inventory listing when building/editing a structure so we can see what doors and windows we have left and if we need to craft more for the building we are currently working on.


I do believe that this functionality is intended for the final version of the builder tool, along with multiple floors. I know that they are supposed to appear on the template system, though I cannot for the life of me get it to place doodads inside of buildings…

Anyways. Yes, this is a good suggestion and I believe it is in the pipeline for eventually.

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Fantastic :slight_smile: I’ll usually build a bunch if doors and windows and forget to check while developing my town. Yeah I can’t place doodads during edit mode either, I don’t mind so much since I don’t make them all identical snywsy

I tend to just set my crafters on maintaining items in my stockpiles. That way there are constantly spares for any small construction uses, and the crafter stays busy. It seems to work pretty well, though I think the weaver is freaking out…

That’s a good idea. I do that with my weavers, set them to maintain thread and cloth. Suppose I can do the same with doors and windows. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that xD

Yeah, I find the maintain function the best part of crafters overall. If there was a way to make a list of items that I wanted to maintain, seperate of workshops, that would be great.

Like an overall list of all craftables? Yeah that would be nice instead of going into each craft bench for different classes but I’m sure all this will be implemented soon enough.

Well, there is that currently-does-nothing workshops icon on the UI…

Yeah as it does nothing it could be used as such.
Need to get the Devs on it.

Orrrr, Orrrrrr. Someone could make this a mod.