Will this game ever have Smart Building?

By Smart Building, I mean when I place a building, will the necessary windows and doors that are not currently in my stockpile be added automatically to the related craftsman’s queue?

Sometimes I want to really work on building up a city more than constantly messing around with the production hearthlings.

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IDK about the smart building thing, but have you tried setting production jobs to maintain a couple of each piece of furniture? If you do the craftsman will make more automatically as they are used.


is that working properly? My crafter is not even keeping 1 of each, let alone more of each type. Same with the other professions

Maintain X works pretty well for a long time now, I usually us this as a standard for my weaver and my cook …

But I hope there will be automatically generated production jobs in the future too to reduce micromanagement :slight_smile:

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especially for some recourses like ores or wool it would be handy, something like “autoproduction till x is left”

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@Doc_Brano Are you making sure to select/click the ‘Maintain’ option as well as set the amount before clicking the Craft! button?

By default if you just enter a maintain amount and click Craft! it adds a Craft X order rather than a Maintain X order, just making 1 then stopping usually.

Really the game should change that for you when you set a maintain amount IMO because I didn’t think it was working either until I realised you needed to do that.