Building designs interior

Well hello there, thank you for reading this post :slight_smile:

I just had a quick question, could just be me though that i haven’t noticed it before. But the other day i was busy making homes and i could place items i knew i could not yet make due to missing resources. I also had items in the list that i did not have a craftsman/craftswomen for.

However when i started a new game i could not even design doors and simple windows in my new building. I had not yet promoted anyone and the list was empty. As soon as i promoted a carpenter i had 1 window and 1 door to choose from. This way i can’t really start designing early on.

Sinds when is the items used for designing linkt to the number and levels of different crafters?

I believe what appears is anything your colony has learned to produce so far. So yes you wont have anything early on.

Yes, on the latest builds they’ve changed the editor so you can see only what you can craft.
Now when you set to start a building, the furniture you’ve placed is auto sent to your crafter’s queues, but if they have recipes that depend on another crafted item, this crafted ingredient is not queued (example, the empty wooden sign that is used to make a carpenter’s sign).


oke will keep that in mind when planning my city