Did Building Planner Change?

Noticed now when i started a new town and was about to start designing my first building that you no longer see all the items your crafters can make while designing and only see the ones you currently have in stockpile which is frustrating and slow since it was working so good before and it kinda makes auto queue pointless.

Not sure if it’s a bug in latest version of stonehearth or if you guys decided you wanted a different approach or if it’s any of my mods causing this

I really like how it was before when you could see all items that your crafter was able to craft. Now i can’t design because waiting for Carpenter :confused:

A17 Release 593 (M)
Settlement Decoration
Spiros Window Mod
Door ways

pretty sure it’s mod related. as one of my old (unreleased) furniture/decoration mods from A15 loaded perfectly fine, but caused this problem…

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Okay gonna try nail it out which one it’s maybe its your market stalls that’s the one i added recently :slight_smile:

Removed the Market Stalls Mod and everything works correctly again :slight_smile:
Would be nice to see it fixed if you have time in the future it’s a nice one