Bug/Error List for Stonehearth 0.1.0 (Release 34)

All below bugs are linked to their bug report on Stonehearth Guru. Except for the tree overload. This bug was fixed and I could not find its original bug report.

I was only able to play Stonehearth one time since the release. Since I have to use my laptop the game runs a bit slow.

Below is the list of bugs that I found in the last release. For the bugs that I annotated as fixed I tried multiple times to get them to show their ugly faces.

Sweet! Thanks! Well I don’t play but people will be really happy, as if people have been complaining, anyway, when can modders start modding?

I think there are modders are modding already. I have seen some cool Japanese and Lord of the Rings mods for the game on this site.

thanks for the list @jesketimothy!

We’ve had modding since the very first client… there are some very smart folks here… :wink:

I totally managed to get my carpenter to stop working.

Is this meant to be a full list of known bugs in the last build? Or just yours, @jesketimothy?

Just a list of bugs that I have seen. Carpenters will stop working once all of their jobs are done and do nothing. The stop working bug is when they stop working on their jobs when they still have jobs queued. Are you still having this problem?

Yup! If you queue an item they can’t complete (like the beds that require cotton) and they begin getting materials ready on the workbench, the carpenter will stop working even if you then cancel the request. I had an empty queue and tried to make her switch to something she could make, and she wouldn’t craft anything. Once something’s on the workbench, there’s no way to cancel it, essentially.


I see. Did it happen when only trying to make things that could be made?

That couldn’t be made, yah. Although I didn’t check what happened if I didn’t have enough resources or other variations.