Bugs in Stonehearth

I will be for every new update be trying to find as many bugs as possible via steam screenshots or other methods.

A bug i found recently was with building a slab sort of building for a carpenter structure i was creating.

It made it so my farmer got stuck in the free standing slabs and carpenter sign. This was an issue posted about Alpha 17 Stable version.

Another issue I ran into was when building a structure, and tried adding a door after pausing progress. What I got was a ridiculous building issue.

I have no idea what kind of coding glitch this is but is entertaining none the less. This issue was posted about Alpha 17 Stable version.

After this mishap for some reason my hearthlings would not work on the building. They just sat around and hauled items. At first i believed it was some sort of queue for work, but it turns out the window bug must have stopped them working. This issue is a follow up to the window glitch in Alpha 17.

After creating a new world I made some homes and wanted a storage. So I created the stockpiles and put them down, but for some reason one of them floated in the roof for construction…