[Dup] Stonehearth issues I've found thus far

Not sure if #1, #2, and #5 are considered bugs, but this is what I’ve found so far:

  1. When playing the game my villagers could harvest wood and berries. Can even build a workshop and promote one of my villagers as a Carpenter. However, if I were to build a Simple House, the game would immediately crash.

I fixed this problem. I remembered that I installed the Stonehearth Graphic Test earlier. When I went to go uninstall it, for some reason my “Add and Remove Programs” showed 3 Stonehearths installed. I uninstalled every single one of the Stonehearths I found, then just reinstalled the game. I can now build a Simple House (mostly).

Visiting StonehearthGURU, I have yet to find a post that actually addresses #1 fully. This is a different issue then the ones reported with a workaround of pressing F1 and building inside the blue box.

  1. Villagers stop building the Simple House about 90-95% of the way. What I’ve found is that they will finish 3 sides of the house, but on the 4th side they will simply stop building the wall 1-3 blocks away (before they move on to the roof). It seems as if they become stuck.

SEMI-WORKAROUND: To be able to finish the wall, I had to re-task the villager(s) to gather berries or wood. After they were done, they went back to the wall and finished the 4th wall, however, the roof never became finished. As soon as the 4th wall was done, they all went to the stockpile and started to just sit around doing nothing; There is no way to tell the villagers to go back and try to finish the house. Because of this, the villagers sleep outside and complain they have to sleep on the ground.

  1. This isn’t a huge issue, but more of a feature request. I know this is an Alpha, but there should be AT LEAST a menu to help change the resolution of the game and or check option set the game to full screen instead of having to do it manually. Currently the game is set, by default, to NOT be in full screen mode. This works for me because I can adjust the window to the size I want by the corners of the window, but may not work for others. The game is also set to auto default to the resolution you currently have your monitor set to.

WORKAROUND: In the game directory of where Stonehearth was installed, there is a file called stonehearth.json. I can open this in a text document and change the following fields:

“enable_fullscreen” : false
This was self explanatory to me. Changing it to true made it so I was lo longer in windowed mode.

“screen_width” : 1920,
“screen_height” : 1080,
This was also self explanatory to me. Just my screen resolution that the game will start up in.

This isn’t really an issue, but more of a very, very, very small inconvenience. I’m sure you will add graphic options to the game later, but because the game defaults to windowed mode, and before I discovered where I could change some of the settings, the window would always be a bit bigger than the screen of my 27" monitor, thus having to always adjust it. It was in my frustration that I finally found a way to fix it.

For those who have a smaller screen, such as a 19" non widescreen monitor, when starting a game, the “Click me to place your banner”, the “Founder’s Manual”, and the “Click me to place your stockpile” windows become justified to the right, instead of being in the center. This also causes issues with the build window overlapping the citizen’s window far right, where they tell you what they’re feeling and such. changing the options in the stonehearth.json does not fix this.

  1. Pressing spacebar produces a black screen with white boxes that represent the trees, berry bushes, citizens, and terrain. Not sure if this was intended to be in the alpha, as it does look like it’s more for the developers.

  2. Sometimes when a space becomes cluttered, such as placing a stock pile next to berry bushes, the citizens have potential to become “stuck” for a bit, especially if I tell them to gather berries and on their way back they try to set their basket down on a hungry (and currently eating) citizen who has taken residence in the same exact spot.

WORKAROUND: Letting the gatherer sit there for a time can allow them to become unstuck. They eventually become hungry which allows them to place the basket down, go eat, then become free to do whatever.

yep, they are all known issues.
btw in case you did not see, the official bug report is on http://www.stonehearthguru.com/forums

Thanks for reporting. All these bugs and non-bugs have been adressed here.
#4 is a debugging tool. #3 and its workaround have been mentioned before

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thanks for the reports @eldiin! but as has been mentioned, it would seem they have all been previously reported…