[NLA] Stonehearth 0.1.0 (Release 14) Bug List

Here is a list of bugs that I have noticed in my one hour play through.

  • Music stutters during the loading screen. (New)
  • While a berry bush is selected you can harvest more than one basket of berries by spamming the 1 key. (New)
  • Villagers will stop working/moving resources to stockpiles. (Old)
    Queuing a new job will get them working again or wait until they get hungry/sleepy
  • Villagers use berries as wood. (Old)
  • Carpenter stops working on current task. (Old)
    Canceling current task gets is working again.
  • Villagers stand far away from fair and warm their hands. (Old)
  • 15 second day bug started at day 5. (Old)
  • Always hungry bug started after the above bug started. (Old)
  • Villagers do not always use chairs/beds. (Old)
  • Villagers placed berried in the carpenter stockpile. (New)

Note: (New) means new for me.


is the issue with building fixed? the rest of these things i found were able to work around so i might be able to play for real later!

the game now does not crash when building a building and the villagers don’t freeze at the stockpile, but from the two reloads I have done I have notice that the last part of the building does not get completed the workers seem to forget about it and move on to something else ( this might be the game trying not to crash)

The bug that does not allow the simple house to be completed is still in the game. I was unable to check since the 15 sec day bug happened before I could get far enough into it. However, the game did not crash with the wall loop structure so I think that bug was fixed.

summaries like this are helpful, but filling out those complete bug reports are even more so! :smiley:

having said that, this build was much more stable for me, and as i commented elsewhere, i had to actually manually close the game! :smile:

i was able to build walls willy-nilly without a care in the world… twas blissful… :wink:

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Pathfinding is much better, only had one instance where the task manager has gone full on yellow lol.

As stated above the settlers still won’t complete the basic building, but they do finish the front wall one with the door so we are moving in the right direction at at least :stuck_out_tongue:

Settlers will miss blocks when building walls and then can’t reach them to complete the wall, which maybe the problem for them completing the building in general.

Besides that not seen any other bugs.


I was able to complete all four walls of the simple house but I think they like sleeping under the stars.

Setting up long wall loops to make a large enclosure no longer crashes the game, but my villagers are starving to death while standing at the wall doing nothing with plenty of berries in the stockpile.

Well, I figured out that if you change the Carpenter’s queue too much in a short period of time, the entire game will freeze up. I posted a gameplay video that you can see the bug in. Just check out the YouTube Channel Thread and check out my channel. It’s near the end of the video.

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Bugs would be easier for the programmers to track, I think, if the posts reporting bugs were limited to one bug. This list is somewhat informative, sure, but does little for application bug tracking. IMVHO, YMMV, yada yada yada…

I got hit with the 15 sec day bug and I think it is safe to say that day 5 (ingame) is when it starts. Anyone get this bug earlier or later in a play through than day 5?

I am going to do that with next release.

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All these bugs (or just a link to the post) could do with being reposted over here, this way they can get developer attention

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