[R118] Bugs, alarmclock stonehearth version and more

Here is a list of bugs I found, I will provide more info/ edit my post if needed:
I made an acount today to help with the bugs but I cant post the images, and only post 2 links per post

-. You know that annoying beeping noise in the morning, well stonehearth has its own version.
every time the sun comes up there is a list of errors.
every game has it and every morning it comes:
not very helpfull I know, but the there something wrong with the sun I think.

-. Next is one is that people complain about the same food every day when there is every food type in the stockpile, others praise me for it:

-. I wanted to make a counter like setup with the writing desk, like a shop sort off and this happend:
it cant be moved, but I tested and none of the writhing desk could be picked up and placed somewhere else. the workers ignore it. even after restart( wich works sometimes with other furniture)

-. picket fences cant be placed anymore(sorry no screenshot)

-. workers will sometimes place ladders inside other existing ladders on restart, they will only do it to the ones at windows:
it isnt a graphical glitch ive seen them place them.(also the not placing the window bug, but i saw that one was reported)

-. workers get stuck chopping trees, doest happen often but still. it will glitch between these stances and do nothing.
restart doesnt work.

-. curtain ladders arent taken down. restart doesnt fix it

-. floating baskets of berry’s, restart doesnt fix it:

these next two are fixable by the player:

-. a worker put silk in a carpenters stockpile, the fix. was to drain the rest of the stockpiles of silk and the weaver picks it up.

-. wild silk plants and berry bushes will appear like they arent harvestable even when they should be. because others you havested at the same time are look harvestable. and when you try to harvest them it works. so its a graphical glitch:

I also have a small list of much needed improvements, because some of these problems take the joy out of playing and make me restart.

  • Being able to demote crafter/footman etc. or have a higher chance of receiving workers as new citizens. (got 3 footman in one game and a ffarmer no other)
  • Being able to cancel actions, like harvesting or moving chairs
  • Trappers are often alone in there fields and get ambushed by goblins, havent gotten a new trapper or knife in any of my games so far. so I cant get there goods anymore.( if your last worker dies, you have a some what of the same problem.)

These next suggestions arent small changes to existing content wih could make the game more fun, but arent as important as te ones above.

  • able to relocate the crafting stations
  • able to remove/relocate bushes or wild silkweed(not harvest, but realy remove)
  • make new villagers spawn on your flag not where you first placed it (I moved to a different part of the map but new people arrive where I first placed my campfire/flag)
  • choose/define where your footman patrol.(already suggested, but I want to bump the idea.)
  • workers disregard resources that are harvested to far from them, ( they will harvest them but wont go back to pick them up when they return to the stockpile)

since I have your attention I have one addition I really want. its something for the future but I really want to be able to farm rice, I know of no game where you can farm that you are able to farm rice and ive wanted it for a very long time, look at them they are awesome.



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i wonder how many people i will tell. your my 3rd person so mostly alot.
but @Tom has said no more picket fences will placed because there is a bug with atm.