[Res] Day/Night Cycle Bug

In the new build from steam, after the first night the rooster crowed, and then all the people froze. Daytime flashed through in about 10 seconds, then nighttime started over again.

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having same issue and the fact that all else they wanna do is eat isn’t helping hahahaha

Not sure about this one, no one else seems to have reported it however ot would be nice if you could post it over here in easy view for all the devs, thanks

I’m having that same issue, it only happened once out of the 10 or so times I played it.

If some of you could fill out the bug report using these guidelines that’d be really helpful Welcome to the Bug Report Category!

@Geoffers747… You know thats my job

Always Nighttime

When night is over, all the NPCS freeze and it fast forwards time to nighttime again. NPCS then begin to eat like day passed normally.

Steps to reproduce:
No clue how to reproduce it, only happened the once.

Expected Results:
I thought it would turn to day and proceed normally.

Actual Results:
Night ended and day started. Day ended about 5 seconds later. Night proceeded normally.


Log Broken up because of 1024kb upload limit
stonehearth.log.1.txt (504.4 KB)
stonehearth.log.2.txt (521.6 KB)
stonehearth.log.3.txt (542.4 KB)
stonehearth.log.4.txt (545.1 KB)

Versions and Mods:
Second Steam upload. File Version from Stonehearth.exe -

System Information:
Windows 8.1 x64
i7 3770
16 GB Ram
2x AMD HD 5970 in crossfire

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I may have noticed a correlation between this bug and the absence of sun-related chat messages. That is-when messages show up saying “the sun has risen on blank” or “the sun has set” the bug doesn’t manifest itself. However, when these messages are absent, the bug shows up.

Agreed, when I had this bug it followed the pattern described above

Had it aswell good thing there isnt much in the alpha yet or when you encounter a bug you’ll lose all your progress xD \o/

Yeah, haha, but this is what Alphas are for: early testing and bug finding (which I must say we are becoming masters of)

I am unsure on when this started but on my current game daytime finishes in roughly 5 seconds and all the workers is tired and hungry at the end of this. Also, when night starts, all the people seem to have lost their animations and are simply stuck at one movement

Thanks for the report, this has already been noted so I’ll merge you over to the correct spot :slight_smile:

Check this thread out on for more information.


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+1 from me. Now all my settlers just eat and sleep, and live in perpetual twilight. Depression settles over the camp and no one feels any compulsion to get any work done. The settlement is doomed. :frowning:

After the First day it goes to night time like it normally does but the next day all my controls freeze and it cycles straight to night time. During this i cant do anything i just have to wait until it goes to night. I have a video of this if anyone would like me to put it up so you can see what i mean.

thanks for the report, i believe its similar to this one, yes?


Yup and yup, I had that happening to me as well. The Guru page describes it well enough, so… ditto. XD