Here are some bugs you may need to know

Hello, My name is Benjamin and i am really enjoying stonehearth at the moment.

And there are some bugs i have come across, and i thought you might want to know about them.


AI Doesnt know what to do with the logs if you have 2 or more piles for logs

They Dont finish building the houses.

Fence gate is a bit laggy when it opens.

AI Cant chop down Trees to far from home.

Capenter sometimes ignores task and waites a fair amount of time to finish them.

Controlling the new Character is fairly difficult and sometimes un-responsive to your commands to say “Goto This Place Here” They just ignore it sometimes.

Can trap sheep with new character but not do anything with them.

I really hope some of these will be seen and them fixed so then StoneHearth can be the best game of the year or even more than a year.

CreepersGamingz Or Benjamin.

Hi Benjamin, thanks for reporting. For the next time, you can take a look at this [template][1].
And in [this other forum][2] we have many reports you may want to take a look at or comment.

In general, we prefer separate bug reports, which allow people to comment on a specific bug. But many people post lists of bugs, at risk of being closed or changed :sweat_smile:

Concerning the bugs you mentioned:

-What release did you play? The latest one?

-Building the houses: I’m pretty sure that now they are capable of finish a house, unless you’re referring to the roof, which is not still fixed (but the Team is going to work on building pretty soon).

-Fence gate: I think someone mentioned that the animation wasn’t working well, or that the characters could pass through it.

-Chopping trees: it depends. If the tree is in another terrain level, they can’t chop it (for the moment). If it is too far on the same level, it only takes time for them to reach the tree, and may get distracted by other events on their way there (hunger, sleep,etc).

-Carpenter: the carpenter only does carpenter tasks, and if he gets distracted by fire, hunger, or other things he may forget his tasks. But with the latest releases every settler is able to resume their work, which is what really matters.

-Trapper: yeah, the trapper is causing some important bugs. Probably someone has already reported them here or in the other forum.

Well, that’s pretty much it. Thanks again for reporting. :smiley:
[1]: Welcome to the Bug Report Category!


thanks for the report @CreepersGamingz, and welcome aboard! :smile:

as @Relyss mentioned, following that guide will help quite a bit in articulating what you’re experiencing and in resolving the issue…

the single most important piece being the steps to reproduce a particular bug…

My Apologies, I didnt know you guys have many rules to the forums here, I just needed to send them to make sure and i’m only gonna make bug reports properly, Also the Version of StoneHearth i used was Alpha 2.


no problem at all @CreepersGamingz! have fun, keep on playing and submitting those bugs… :wink:


Hi, This game is awesome and i cant wait for it to be out, its great fun playing it.

Title: Goblin pumpkins

Summary: If i load a saved game, most of the time goblins will spawn in the ground with their heads sticking out, or if i play the game for a couple of hours this happens as well. The footman attacks them but they are not able to be killed so it becomes an endless cycle of the footmen attacking them.

Expected Results: Goblins not spawning in the ground

Actual Results: Immortal Goblins spawning in the ground

Notes: I have no idea what causes it. I have a screenshot but i am not allowed to upload it.


Versions and Mods: release 150 alpha 5

System Information:

Welcome aboard, @mario . The goblins bug is a known issue. Thanks for reporting anyway :smile:

Hi, just a confirmation that we’re still getting the immortal goblin pumpkins spawning in the ground for [2176 x 64]. Mind you, I had a ton of goblins spawned outside my moat. Also, they all froze upon being attacked so I saved, reloaded and they turned into pumpkins.