What am I doing wrong when it comes to building homes?

It appears I must be doing something wrong as I’ve seen the great screenshots of those that have built buildings in the game, but when I try, they usually get to 3 walls and a floor and then they quit.

I’ve chosen for them to make a wooden roof and there are tons and tons of wood blocks in the stockpile but nodoby is interested in working anymore, they simply eat berries that I’ve harvested, sleep and sit around the campfire.

Even my carpenter doesn’t create anything, although that could be a lack of materials, I’m not sure. I’m trying to get him to build a couple comfy beds and a couple lanterns, he went and grabbed a block of wood and put it on the carpenters workshop block and that’s it. Now he is like the rest, he simply eats, and sleeps.

The only one that seems to be working at all is the trapper that goes out to the field and lays new traps on a seemingly regular basis.

What is it that I’m doing wrong that is preventing them from building the house, and the carpenter from building his assigned items?


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Can I just check which version of the game you’re running? It should say in the bottom left corner of the main menu something like “0.1.0 (build 12345)” - because certainly earlier builds couldn’t have roofs built :stuck_out_tongue: .


One useful tip: try to make sure that the 2-3 square margin around your house is free of trees. Basically, if anything significant intersects the gray no-build region around a house, the AI has trouble figuring out how to build there.

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0.1.0 build 150 (that’s the latest one on steam).

Perhaps the person above has it right, there is a dirt cliff wall that is only 2 blocks away from the 3rd wall that they’ve refused to build.

However, that doesn’t seem to reason why the carpenter is not creating the beds like I instructed him to do.

The latest is 0.1.0 build 151 - you have to enable the latest beta build in Stonehearth’s properties in Steam :wink: .

This will invalidate your saved games BTW, but at least now you’ll be able to see if the bug still exists in the latest builds, or whether Radiant fixed it already :slight_smile: .


Aha, thanks for the tip on the beta build. I just assumed that all builds appearing on Steam when it comes to Stonehearth were the latest build and that it wasn’t really participating in an opt in beta build option. Downloading the latest build from the beta option now.


what task is set up first for the carpenter will canceling the current task get him to start working? a comfy bed requires a bolt of cloth you need a weaver to make it

Yes, I’m sure that was it. I’d suggest that they change that so that the makers in the game skip any items that they do not have resources for and go on to the items they can make and then do a check to see when they have the needed resources they can go and do those jobs that required resources that we didn’t have in stock at the time they were queued, otherwise it’s going to confuse players and have them wondering like I was.

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We do want to implement skipping items for which you have no resources, but right now there is no good way to find out whether or not you have something that is not in a stockpile, other than scanning the whole map for it. This slows the game waaaaaay down with our current implementation. When we get a faster way of scanning for items (it’s in the queue) we will definitely implement this on the crafters.

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Thanks for the reply sdee, It seems to me that only scanning stockpiles is a good way to go with that. After all then it’s just a matter of the player understanding that the items they have must be in a stockpile to be counted towards the crafting. Of course the effectiveness of something like that is going to require that the little lego people that are hauling things are doing so in an efficient manner so that items don’t go sitting around on the ground for days and days (game time).

I can only imagine how bad it could become for multiple crafters needing the whole map to be scanned every x ticks of a clock to determine if the items are available and not something I would expect in a game such as this.

Good luck with continued development.

Edit, although I’m no programmer by any stretch of the imagination, I do wonder why each item that isn’t firmly planted to the map isn’t kept in some sort of database and then the game needs only to scan the database of items that have been lifted from the maps surface (such as logs silk or whatever) and then I would think it’s not such a big task on the computer to do that. Of course not being privy to the game code or being a programmer I have no idea if that could even work within the structure of what you all have already setup for the game engine.

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well if you have an area in the code for stockpile and doing a yes/no result if the item is currently active in the world it would be easier than searching for it at the instance of searching the whole stockpile no?

I only know a little bit about coding not sure if this would work or not it’s like changing a value to a string when it’s created and removed from the world